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Will Hill, 37, is heartbroken to be leaving behind his cybersecurity career and his fiancee, Ida Bøgelund Larsen in Denmark due to post-Brexit rules
Philip Russell, a British national, was four days late with his residency application early this year. It would appear he has paid the ultimate price for his country’s decision to leave the EU.
Phillip Russell says he filed his paperwork just four days late, yet has failed in his appeal.
NI man faces anxious wait over call on Swedish permanent residency status.
The UK’s ‘settlement scheme’ for EU nationals living and working in Britain risks leaving 2.6 million people at unlawful risk of deportation; lawyers told the High Court in London.
Oxford researchers warn design of scheme could see people lose right to stay in UK.
“It’s scary stuff when you consider that British applicants might have sold up in the UK to buy their dream home here, shipped all their furniture and belongings over and their pets - what do they do?” a representative for British immigrants in Spain said.
Irena Jendrycha was liberated from an Austrian concentration camp just 12 minutes before they were to be murdered. She has lived in Dundee most of her adult life but still has not been told whether or not she has a 'right' to stay in the UK.
Problems are mounting for thousands of Britons in Spain and the rest of Europe who chose not to apply for residency after Brexit.
Care manager Joao Lamberio is in a race against time to apply for post-Brexit settled status.
Under the Government’s EU Settlement Scheme, Joey Bediako is entitled to apply to remain in the UK – but instead, he’s been detained
‘Unprecedented levels of self-harm and suicidal thoughts’ were recorded at the Brook House Immigration Removal Centre in late 2020
Dahaba Ali told there is ‘no evidence’ she lives in UK despite having attended school in London, studied at University of Cambridge and currently working as a freelance writer.
Thousands of undocumented British expats in Spain are heading back to the UK as they fear being fined or deported as a result of post-Brexit immigration rules in the southern European country.
EU rules post-Brexit limit UK nationals to maximum 90-day stay per 180 days.
The Spanish dream is over as Brits leave Spain to avoid being deported as illegal immigrants
Unregistered British expatriates living in Spain are close to breaching the 90-day limit on their visa and must leave by March 31 or risk being fined as an illegal immigrant and possibly banned from returning.
Brits now can only stay without a permit in most EU countries for 90 days out of every 180 days.
Plans to deny automatic right to asylum to refugees arriving in UK via unauthorised routes spark alarm.
EU citizens eligible to stay in the UK post-Brexit are at risk of "slipping through the net" and being deported, a group of Senedd members have warned.
MPs call for Home Office 'settled status' to be replaced by legal right to stay in letter to Boris Johnson
Alarm that long-standing UK residents will be ‘separated from their children and families, returned to countries they barely know’.
When the Home Office bureaucracy finally runs out of time next summer, many will very likely be eligible for forced deportation.
Poll finds 90% of EU citizens in UK fear discrimination without evidence of rights after Brexit.