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British Ambassador Andrew Noble has appealed to thousands of UK nationals in Romania to get their new post-Brexit residence documents before the Dec. 31 deadline and apply for a Romanian driving license.
Ryanair is planning to delist from the London Stock Exchange in coming months due to a fall in trading volumes there, executives said on Monday, dealing another blow to London's status as a global financial center after Brexit.
“When your own government screws you over, forgets about you, and essentially makes you out to be a traitor to your own country, British in Europe were there for us," one Brit in the EU has said.
“It’s scary stuff when you consider that British applicants might have sold up in the UK to buy their dream home here, shipped all their furniture and belongings over and their pets - what do they do?” a representative for British immigrants in Spain said.
How has the recruitment of UK-based teachers by international schools in Europe been affected by Brexit?
Brexit has sparked major changes in migration decisions, equivalent to the impact of a serious economic or political crisis, according to a pioneering joint study between the Oxford-in-Berlin research partnership and the WZB Social Sciences Center Berlin.
Germany has extended the grace period by which British citizens were allowed to live and work in Germany after Brexit without any documentation.
Eurocitizens 15/06/2021
We defend EU citizenship rights to live, work and study: for UK nationals in Spain and Spanish nationals in the UK. / Defendemos los derechos de ciudadanía europea (para vivir, trabajar, estudiar etc.) de los británicos en España y los españoles en el Reino Unido.
The end of the transition period was merely a staging post within a process that will be long with us, says Chris Grey.
Problems are mounting for thousands of Britons in Spain and the rest of Europe who chose not to apply for residency after Brexit.
We provide information about residency and citizens’ rights for UK citizens who established residency in France prior to the 31st December 2020, and for their family members who plan to join them after that date.
Support group will pass on data to British Embassy as application deadline of June 30 approaches.
10,000s of British expats in Europe have less than a month to avoid becoming undocumented migrants.
Tens of thousands have yet to apply for post-Brexit residence in countries with 30 June cut-off date.
BRITISH nationals living in Catalonia are stuck in a post-Brexit legal limbo with lengthy battles to secure the identity cards needed for them to remain.
Long-term citizens alarmed at letter saying they risk losing rights to work and healthcare unless they apply for post-Brexit status.
Rise in home working has led to people swapping small city flats for Spanish villas during the pandemic. / Mr Dell also says many younger people are moving to Spain to seek residency in a European State and regaining the rights they enjoyed on the continent before Brexit.
More than 14,000 UK citizens living in Germany took up citizenship in 2019, accounting for 23 per cent of those eligible.
The Association of British Travel Agents has stepped up its campaign to try to allow labour mobility. It says there is a possible solution to the problem.
My amendment is to the Immigration Bill is asking members of the House of Lords to protect the freedom of Britons for decades to come.
ABTA has written to Lord Frost Minister of State highlighting the needs of the travel industry in the UK’s future relationships with the EU post Brexit. The letter raises the very serious challenges relating to labour mobility owing to restrictions on temporary entry of tourism workers across the EU...
Parliament on Wednesday voted in favour of new rules aimed at protecting the rights of UK citizens living and working in Sweden before the Brexit transition period ends at the turn of the year.
Thousands of undocumented British expats in Spain are heading back to the UK as they fear being fined or deported as a result of post-Brexit immigration rules in the southern European country.
It’s tragic how little the British public was informed about the benefits of free movement, or of the variety of things they would stand to lose upon Britain’s departure from the EU.