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Priti Patel’s prohibition on ‘insecure identity cards’ partly reversed by James Cleverly.
Brussels spares little time to think of the UK, and the waters of the North Sea really are closing over the British.
Due to the fact that border authorities in the United Kingdom do not accept ID cards issued in European Union countries, a large number of school children are choosing other English-speaking countries such as Ireland and Malta, with EU school travel to the UK at 61 per cent of pre-Brexit levels.
Recent data from the official statistical office of the European Union, Eurostat, has shown that Sweden has expelled more British nationals than any other country in the bloc since Brexit.
Brexit has been “a horrendous experience for Maltese businesses,” according to the CEO of the Malta Chamber of SMEs.
Supplies of half of all veterinary drugs at risk due to restrictions on importing medicines from Britain.
The European Commission welcomes the swift adoption by the Council of the proposals to ensure the continued long-term supply of medicines from Great Britain to Northern Ireland and to address outstanding supply concerns in Cyprus, Ireland and Malta – markets that have been historically supplied through or by Great Britain.
Imports from the EU fell by £500m in August, highlighting the “teething troubles” of the “post-Brexit universe”. / UK imports from the EU fell by £500m in August to reach £26bn, representing a 2% decline in value according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Exports to the EU also dropped in August, by £300m.
Delays caused by added bureaucracy following Brexit and other international situations such as the war in Ukraine are leading to shortage of medicines, with pharmacies scrambling to offer replacements so as not to keep their clients without the items they need.
Malta is to receive €35 million over three years to help cover the impact of Brexit on its economy, the EU Commission announced on Monday.
For 2021, national tourist board Visit Britain has forecast that visitor numbers will be lower even than in 2020, when travel restrictions were at their highest.
MEP David Casa has been appointed to a new joint assembly between the UK and the EU to tackle post-Brexit issues.
Fourteen countries likely to take tough stance in future talks about fisheries if access to UK waters does not improve.
Website designed to help business owners understand impact of EU-UK trade deal
Importers of used cars seek government help in wake of additional fees incurred for imports from the UK as a result of Brexit.
SEI Healthcare Europe, a global professional independent medical education organization, has announced a major relocation from the United Kingdom to Malta ‘to better serve clientele’.
10,000s of British expats in Europe have less than a month to avoid becoming undocumented migrants.
Loss of young Europeans on pupil visits will cause major cultural damage to UK, warn tour organisers.
Tens of thousands have yet to apply for post-Brexit residence in countries with 30 June cut-off date.
Prime Minister Robert Abela has revealed that the United Kingdom’s exit from the EU has left Malta without its main legal vehicle to supply medical products to its residents, a leaked letter sent to the President of the European Council has revealed.
Brexit restrictions have prompted UK private jet operator Air Charter Scotland to secure a European Union (EU) air operator's certificate (AOC) in Malta. The company now has two of the 10 aircraft in its fleet on the Maltese register to be able to continue flying between the 27 EU states, which is no longer possible for UK operators.
Extra Brexit costs can add up to 30 per cent to vehicle purchase prices.
Importers of goods in Malta have started to source products from the EU or Asian markets rather than the UK because of delays and bureaucracy brought about by Brexit, the Chamber of Commerce has said.
English will remain an official language of the European Union in 2021 after Brexit, the European Commission has confirmed.
Europe Letter: UK’s reputation diminished as EU capitals digest declaration to break law