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'The Brexiters have no more idea in private than they do in public about what they are doing. Predictions based upon their concealed intent project on to them a competence they simply don’t possess.'
The figures were released by the Office for National Statistics.
More than two-thirds of musicians say bookings dried up because of visa red tape and cost – even before coronavirus struck
Home Office accused of refusing to listen to £111bn-a-year culture sector – just weeks after a minister admitted government must retain free movement
The Home Office's proposed skills criteria and salary threshold for overseas workers will "decimate" the north's hospitality sector, an industry representative has said.
ONE of Scotland’s staunchest Brexiteers has blasted Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit immigration plans, warning they will be “catastrophic” for fishing industry.
A Norfolk farmer fears fruit and vegetable operations like his could go bust if new immigration rules close the door to migrant workers who harvest and pack their crops.
'No matter which sector you talk to - from video games to abattoirs, broadcasters to supermarket delivery, financial services to care - they all say the same thing: We need access to people.'
The hospitality industry has responded with disdain to new government plans that will make it harder for EU citizens to get UK visas.
Boris Johnson's immigration plans for after Brexit are facing a massive backlash as industry leaders say key fields - like farming, construction and the stricken care industry - won't get the workers they need.
Commonwealth troops who earn less than the £25,600-a-year minimum salary threshold could be locked out under the rules - unless an exemption is carved out for them.
Health and care experts unite in criticism of governent’s new immigration policy which could push social care ‘over the edge’.
Nicola Sturgeon calls for immigration powers to be devolved as industry bodies condemn proposals.
Proposal floated as part of crackdown replacing free movement with minimum salary threshold of £25,600 and EU citizens may have to provide fingerprints.
Shortened trade talks will result in ‘flimsy’ deal, former British prime minister says
World View: Lessons to be learned through the experience of defeated Remainers
Report gives first detailed insight into how immigration system might look after Brexit.
First minister says country needs strategy to tackle falling birth rate and Brexit impact.
A top French chef who moved to the UK in 1997 said he feels ‘unwelcome’ after he was refused the right to stay post-Brexit.
Britain was a traditional obstacle to an agreement, because of immigration and Scotch whisky.
Campaigners for EU citizens have launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson over his claims that EU nationals who made Britain their home have treated the UK like “their own” country for too long.
EU migrants have been able to “treat the UK as if it’s part of their own country” for too long, Boris Johnson said yesterday as he reprised the core message of Vote Leave’s 2016 EU referendum campaign.