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Migration from outside the EU has been rising since the EU referendum, now standing at 229,000.
Letter warns immigration rules may damage UK universities’ ability to attract global talent.
Victoria Atkins fails – four times – to answer the question and admits Conservatives do not yet have an immigration policy.
The Labour leader suggested he would not seek to introduce a new immigration regime for EU citizens.
From the outside, nothing much has changed yet. From the inside, however, the UK has undergone a radical and at times ugly transformation. The June 2016 referendum has helped set off a chain of events that has impacted many aspects of life in the country.
Industry experts say proposed skills- and salary-assessed system for workers will make it harder for tourism industry to recruit staff.
Judge rules Data Protection Act clause denying them right to obtain records is not unlawful.
Even Leave supporters now say existing EU rules provide ‘enough control’ on migration from the continent.
'The weak pound and the uncertainty over Brexit are likely to be prime explanations' for decline, think-tank says.
Migration experts say the UK cannot end freedom of movement from the EU on Brexit day because it has no system to work out who is legally in the country.
The remarkable call from a four-time Ukip candidate to James O'Brien is at number three in the countdown of his best Brexit clips.
From cross-Channel transport disruption to public disorder – the predictions in the leaked document.
A policy paper in January warned it would take 'some time to implement' a new immigration system.
Boris Johnson is facing a backlash over his plans to fast-track visas for the world's leading scientists, as a Nobel laureate warned of turmoil for "many years" after a no-deal Brexit.
Legal experts condemn ‘disgraceful and illegal manipulation of system’.
Hostile immigration policies will do untold damage to the UK’s manufacturing industry. It is baffling that the government is willing to implement such a strategy, says Lord Bilimoria.
India's finance minister has said that a free trade deal with Britain will take a "long time" and that no negotiations will start until the Brexit process has been completed.
The government must make it easier for Indians to come to Britain to secure a post-Brexit trade deal with one of the world’s fastest growing economies, a group of MPs have said.
After China denied citizenship status to non-Chinese residents, about 7,000 ethnic minority families received full British nationality, granting them the ability to live across Europe and pass this status onto their descendants.
Stockpiling ahead of Brexit was one of the main reasons for the Scottish economy growing.
As the EU referendum grows ever closer, Lord Darzi, Elias Mossialos and colleagues seek to redress a lack of evidence on the role of the union on our health system.
'The idea that these people are somehow going to ruin our way of life seems to be completely wrong and misbegotten'. /
Report urges politicians to 'come clean' about consequences of ending free movement or risk 'creating the sort of conditions in Britain that helped Donald Trump become US president'. / Illegal immigration is likely to rise when Britain leaves the EU and freedom of movement ends, a new study has found.