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Now that the United Kingdom has officially been out of the European Union for well over two years, many people, particularly the younger generation, have been seriously considering their position on this tiny sceptred isle, and have started to look further afield as the once abundant amount of opportunities dries up in front of our very eyes.
Certain UK flights will be operated on aircraft leased from Spain, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.
Desperate Brits trying to stay in the EU post-Brexit have been accused of creating 'fake documents', and an arrest has been made in Tenerife.
Literature lovers in Spain are among those feeling the post-Brexit pinch, forced to pay more for books they love due to customs charges.
The Spanish authorities announced last week that the country would no longer apply COVID-19 entry rules for travellers from the European Union/Schengen Area but did not make any exemptions for those travelling from the United Kingdom.
Investigating police in Tenerife are investigating four Brits who are said to have presented fake "padron" certificates, which allow people to stay in Spain after Brexit.
Queues have been blamed on delays caused by extra checks needed and a shortage of police officers at passport control.
UK nationals who have lived in Spain for more than six months will no longer be able to use their DVLA-issued licences.
Gibraltar has been caught between a rock and a hard place since the UK quit the EU.
Recruitment issues and Covid-related absences have put UK airports under pressure, while Brexit has created more queues in Spain.
Recruitment issues and Covid-related absences have put UK airports under pressure, while Brexit has created more queues in Spain.
"The law that P&O are allegedly relying on was introduced as a result of EU directives... He [Starmer] would have kept us unable to change it... He would have made it impossible to protect UK employees" (Johnson). / Ireland & Spain banned fire & rehire. Both are in the EU.
In a new direct Brexit spinoff, authorities at the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar have confirmed that routine patients may henceforth be ferried for treatment to Spanish hospitals only if their ambulances are staffed by Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) employees who live in Spain or by EU nationals, it was reported.
"We spent £20,000 on a conversion. Now we wonder if it was worth it," he said. / A British immigrant in Spain has complained the area he lives in is becoming a ghost town because of Brexit.
Companies in the ITV Anglia region say new customs controls are causing delays and could lead to problems with supply.
UK steel companies have been operating at a significant disadvantage compared to their European rivals since the beginning of 2022.
Boris Johnson had previously promised to "fix" issues around visas so UK musicians could tour the continent permit-free.
Many in the arts will look at 2022 with trepidation. There are still many issues with the Brexit deal from 12 months ago.
Only Spain has signed agreement, leaving artists mired in ‘mountains of red tape’ – with pressure on new Brexit minister Liz Truss to change course.
A British student is spending the festive season in Spain rather than with family – because Spanish red tape combined with Brexit means she cannot leave the country while her visa is processed.
A woman has told of her frustration after being removed from a flight to Spain and having her New Year’s Eve “ruined” over a little-known change to post-Brexit passport rules.
Another Brexit-related driving change is on the way in 2022, with an extra licence required to bring a van or large car trailer from the UK into an EU country. Here's how the new rule works and who it will affect.
Negotiators hope an agreement can be struck in the first quarter of next year.
Negotiations have removed the need for additional visas, but unviable restrictions for British artists touring Europe are still in place.