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Among the local government team in Spain's Costa Blanca region, a name with a distinctly British ring to it stands out.
A British travel writer hit by rising property prices in Portugal says the government’s recent crackdown is targeting the wrong people.
Thousands of British expats are unable to obtain driving licences – and some say the isolation and difficulty of not being able to drive has harmed their health.
NI man faces anxious wait over call on Swedish permanent residency status.
Hundreds of UK nationals who moved to Portugal before the end of the Brexit deadline are being caught out by delays in the processing of their residency applications.
Brits in several municipalities discover biometric data for new residency cards ‘can only be processed in Lisbon’.
A study has suggested that the complicated process of securing a visa to live in Spain was putting Britons off.
Thousands of Brits residing in the EU have been informed by UK banks that their EU-based bank accounts will soon be shut.
British expats are known for sticking together when they move abroad, but new rules have provided a challenge – and an opportunity to integrate.
The Court of Justice of the European Union has listed the inability of British nationals to vote or stand as a candidate in municipal elections in the EU state they are residing as one of the many Brexit consequences.
Desperate Brits trying to stay in the EU post-Brexit have been accused of creating 'fake documents', and an arrest has been made in Tenerife.
"The British government has left us out in the cold," says Terence Knott. He's the man behind EUBritizens, an action group of British people living in Europe whose lives have changed dramatically due to Brexit.
This is consequence of UK's sole sovereign decision to withdraw from EU, says bloc's top court.
The European Union’s top court says British citizens living in the 27 EU member countries have no right to vote or stand for office in the bloc unless they have obtained a European nationality.
UK nationals who have lived in Spain for more than six months will no longer be able to use their DVLA-issued licences.
"We spent £20,000 on a conversion. Now we wonder if it was worth it," he said. / A British immigrant in Spain has complained the area he lives in is becoming a ghost town because of Brexit.
A Lincoln-based luxury hamper specialist has opened a European hub in Holland so that it can ensure deliveries to ex-Pat customers, post Brexit, throughout the EU this Christmas.
British Ambassador Andrew Noble has appealed to thousands of UK nationals in Romania to get their new post-Brexit residence documents before the Dec. 31 deadline and apply for a Romanian driving license.
The pro-Brexit Daily Express has been quick to complain about 'expats' having to go back to where they once came from...
The UK's exit from the European Union is said to be making it tougher for elderly people looking to retire in the Spanish sunshine.
In 2020, there were over 360,000 UK nationals reported to be living in Spain. But many expats are said to be leaving due to complications that have arisen after Brexit.
A British couple's retirement plans have fallen apart leaving them without a home of their own to live in thanks to post-Brexit visa rules.
This is mainly due to changes to immigration rules, but other components like increase healthcare costs are contributing factors.
Travel experts have noticed a decrease in the number of Brits in Spain since Brexit. This is due to more stringent immigration rules, as well as higher healthcare costs.