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Former Brexit secretary David Davis says Priti Patel’s plans could foster a situation similar to notorious US detention camp.
‘Unprecedented levels of self-harm and suicidal thoughts’ were recorded at the Brook House Immigration Removal Centre in late 2020
Tit-for-tat sanctions over Beijing’s treatment of Uyghurs puts halt on investment agreement.
It has not even been five months since the end of the Brexit transition period and there have been armed patrol vessels in the Channel.
Torture survivors and lone children stuck in Greece and Italy after Home Office ‘deliberately’ ends cooperation on family reunions. / “Before Brexit, there was a clear process for children to join their families in the UK, but since then the government has failed to communicate effectively with European authorities,” said Bethany Gardiner-Smith.
A £5 billion EU continuity trade deal with Mexico, hailed by Whitehall as an “Aztec Brexit Boost”, has become obsolete – after the EU signed a more generous and comprehensive deal between its 27 members states and Mexico.
In just the first few months of 2021, the UK has slashed its overseas aid budget, made clear its intent to pursue trade deals at all costs – including turning a blind eye to human rights atrocities and genocide – and announced an increase in funding to the UK’s weapons of mass destruction by 40%, signalling the start of a new arms race and ripping up 30 years of commitment to gradual disarmament.
Stephen Delahunty reports on a lawsuit being brought before for the courts to consider the legality of the UK-Morocco Association Agreement
DOWNING Street has been branded “morally bankrupt” after the Foreign Secretary told officials the UK should strike trade deals with nations that do not meet European standards on human rights.
Conservative rebels have failed in their bid to prevent ministers from signing trade agreements with countries implicated in genocide following Brexit.
More Tory MPs have come out to support an amendment to a trade bill that would make it harder for the government to sign trade deals with countries that have committed genocide.
Mr Rees-Mogg was accused of a “smear” on Arj Singh after he told MPs on Thursday that the HuffPost correspondent was “a knave or a fool” over a story in which he accurately quoted foreign secretary Dominic Raab.
Foreign secretary told staff that “restricting” trade because of human rights abuses would mean missing out on “growth markets”.
Big majority in EU parliament vote for corporate due diligence along entire supply chains, including for UK businesses.
Nigel Farage has been labelled a “liar” after he called on the UK to “scrap the EU Human Rights Act” – even though no such legislation exists.
Palantir must 'ensure the technology they are providing in no way contributes to abuses in the UK’, government told
The UK is facing a skills crisis as it heads towards the end of the Brexit transition period with care homes, nursing and construction sectors expecting shortages.
Opt-out from parts of European convention would speed up deportation of asylum seekers.
Boris Johnson is planning to opt out of parts of the Human Rights Act, according to reports.
Foreign ministers agree individuals responsible for vote-rigging and violence should face asset freezes and travel bans.
Brexiters are often accused of living in the past. That is manifest in the now recurring Brexiter response to concerns about Brexit: ‘but we did perfectly well before’.
Brussels wants UK to commit to human rights in writing as condition of trade deal.
The European Court ruled on Tuesday that the Russian government violated several articles in the European Convention on Human Rights over the course of its 11-month pre-trial detention and posthumous criminal conviction of Sergei Magnitsky.