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Rishi Sunak should admit ‘main factor’ behind problem so he can fix it, says Durham University study.
This week marks the third anniversary of Brexit. While for some it’s a cause to celebrate or say, “I told you so”, for European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) citizens and their families falling through the cracks of the Home Office system, it is cause for concern.
In a judgment handed down last Friday, the High Court has cast doubt on the British citizenship status of children born in the United Kingdom before 2 October 2000 to EU citizens who did not at that time possess indefinite leave to remain.
The British government's post-Brexit settlement scheme for EU citizens is unlawful, the UK's High Court has ruled. / The Independent Monitoring Authority (IMA), an independent body set up to oversee citizens' rights, took legal action against the Home Office.
THE Home Office has blocked Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish visa pilot which would have allowed businesses in remote and rural communities an exemption from UK immigration rules over hiring EU and other foreign nationals.
The UK was the first country to ban animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients in 1998, but the Home Office has revealed it now allows the experiments for cosmetics.
The Home Office is being taken to court by a government-sponsored Brexit watchdog over the “unlawful” treatment of 2.5 million EU citizens in the UK.
Leading human rights barrister Usha Sood has condemned hostility to immigrants and Home Office bureaucracy for failing the most vulnerable victims of the Russian invasion.
An island nation must trade with its nearest mainland, whatever our new Brexit opportunities minister claims.
“For many they may mean lost job opportunities, missing out on rental properties, being refused loans/or mortgages,” EU citizens campaign group In Limbo said.
Thousands of British citizens may be waiting for family permits to be able to move to the UK, but the Home Office reportedly rejected freedom of information requests and parliamentary questions on data from the former Brexit select committee chair, Hilary Benn.
Thousands of people say their rights have been compromised despite government promises.
Ireland’s deputy prime minister Leo Varadkar said the Irish will "absolutely be making their views known" on the matter.
After months of discussions, the authority overseeing the rights of EU citizens in the UK has launched a legal action against the Home Office over the treatment of 2.5 million people who should be protected under the Brexit deal.
Statutory body says 2.5 million EU nationals settled in UK have been put at automatic risk of losing rights.
Ministers refuse to ease immigration restrictions as campaigners warn of ‘social care time bomb’
People unaware they need to input code on universal credit website could drop off system, charities warn.
Unprecedented labour shortages have left hundreds of tonnes of produce rotting in the fields.
Partners and spouses are being kept apart by Home Office delays in processing revised versions of entry permits to Britain.
Some people cannot prove they are in the country legally because of glitch in digital residency permits.
People awaiting decisions having problems applying for jobs and moving house, say campaigners.
The blue passports were championed by Brexiteers as a symbol of the UK's split from the EU.
Home Office figures caused speculation that number of Europeans in UK had been underestimated.
Thousands who fled their war-torn country stand to lose their right to work, rent a home and access NHS.
Pressure grows for UK to extend Wednesday’s settlement-scheme cut-off date as backlog of applications grows and helplines crash.