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'The government walking away from this EU deal just smacks of ideological dogma'
Government now wants close links with early warning system despite Brexit, source says.
The negotiations which will set our relationship with our closest neighbours for the next generation are being rushed in a reckless game of chicken.
Brussels says UK was briefed on bulk-buying plan and given ‘ample opportunity’ to join.
Senior Foreign Office official tells MPs that ministers refused scheme because UK had left EU.
Sir Simon McDonald says ministers were briefed on ‘what was on offer’ to UK.
While Germany has taken in Italian patients for treatment, the UK has failed to participate in an EU ventilator scheme.
With the NHS under such exceptional pressure during the coronavirus crisis, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the UK’s Brexit transition period ends on December 31. Mark Dayan takes a closer look at how these two challenges for the health service might collide, and says there is a case to err on the side of caution.
The Cabinet Office minister claimed the UK's omission from the scheme was a communication error, contradicting a Downing Street spokesman.
Britain did not take part in €1.5bn order for kit to protect against Covid-19 despite shortages in NHS.
‘Member states and the UK had the opportunity to signal their interest to participate in any joint procurements,’ says EU spokesperson
After initially claiming it did not join an EU scheme for ventilators because of Brexit, it now blames an ‘email error’ for missing the invitation.
Downing Street has blamed an administrative error for the UK's failure to sign up to an emergency EU scheme to help procure vital medical equipment to fight coronavirus.
Government clarifies position after critics accuse Boris Johnson of putting ‘Brexit over breathing’.
Participation in the scheme is seen as a test of the prime minister's pragmatism on Brexit and Covid-19.