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Richard Corbett, former Labour MEP, linguist, author and fluent and well-informed speaker will explain the background to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and discuss the fallout. There are numerous consequences of Brexit which are not receiving sufficient publicity. Leaving the EU came at a huge cost to the UK economically, culturally and in terms of our standing in the world.
No hint of contrition or constructiveness in article by Lord Frost and Brandon Lewis... just menace.
“We negotiated a trade deal and instead of eliminating barriers, they created them," Michel Barnier said.
Economic advantages of NI’s new trading arrangement overlooked by rejectionist rhetoric.
He said Brexit was supposed to take back control and boost the UK's international position, but we are seeing "pretty much the opposite".
A summit crucial to the issue of climate change is instead mired in disentangling the mess of Britain’s exit from the EU
In terms of their overall trade volumes, this deal is more significant for Norway and Iceland than it is for the UK. / But politically, it's really important for the post-Brexit British government to show that new trade deals are being done quickly. Even if - as the Norwegian side points out - it is less open than the previous relationship inside the same single market.
British sentiment toward leaving the European Union appears to be changing. As the United Kingdom marks a year since its Brexit referendum vote, a new opinion poll shows that a majority now wants to stay. Special correspondent Malcolm Brabant gets a range of reactions as the country faces its independent future.
THERE is no plan to curb Ireland’s access to the EU single market as a fallback to resolve the Brexit crux over the North, the Irish Commissioner Mairead McGuinness has insisted.
Bloc leaders say UK must fully implement post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland.
EU leaders have stressed the Northern Ireland protocol must be implemented fully by Boris Johnson to respect the 'rule of law' during a press conference at the G7 in Cornwall on Thursday.
Since the transition period ended, shops supplying British groceries say they have struggled with extra paperwork and import difficulties.
The Centre for European Reform (CER) estimates that leaving the single market and customs union at the end of 2020 has reduced UK trade by £7.7billion, or 11%, since March.
We estimate that leaving the single market and customs union had reduced UK trade by 11 per cent in March 2021. That is on top of a 10 per cent hit to trade between the referendum and leaving the single market.
So far, in the first two months of Brexit, the following industries have indicated that they have been harmed: Aerospace; Airlines; Architecture; Art and Antiques; Beer; Bees; Cattle and horse breeding; Charities; Cheese; Chemicals; Cars; Classic Cars; Construction; Cosmetics and Perfume; e-Commerce; Fabrics; Fashion; Ferry services; Film and TV production; Financial Services; ...
The prime minister has imperilled peace in Northern Ireland, and every day the economic fallout worsens.
The European Parliament has voted to ratify the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), with 660 out of 697 MEPs voting in favour of the deal, but a Brexit expert has said it is only the beginning.
But EU warns ‘faithful implementation’ needed by UK amid concerns saga is not over.
The European Parliament is expected to ratify the post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal, amid tensions including a French threat of reprisals against the UK.
THE European Union’s top official warned that the Brexit trade deal has “real teeth” and Brussels will not hesitate to take action if Boris Johnson breaches its terms.
The European Commission president said there has been ‘some progress’ in talks to resolve the issues around Northern Ireland.
European Parliament votes to give consent to the Brexit deal. / European Commission president speaks to lawmakers before vote.
A majority of people on both sides of the Irish border believes Northern Ireland will have left the UK within 25 years, a poll suggests.
The UK food industry is warning that a deluge of new post-Brexit red tape which comes into effect today will increase export paperwork by a third and make some sales to Europe unviable.
On April 14, 2021, the Warsaw Institute, together with The Warsaw Institute Review quarterly, had the honor of hosting another online event – the Diplomacy Talks Series. The title of the discussion, moderated by the president of the Warsaw Institute, Tomasz Kijewski, was “BREXIT and its importance for Europe and the Polish diaspora in Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.