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SCOTLAND's economy has taken a major hit while Northern Ireland has outperformed the rest of the UK while staying in the EU’s single marker, Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show.
In September 2021, UK goods trade was 11.2 per cent, or £8.5 billion, lower than it would have been if the UK had stayed in the EU’s single market and customs union.
But Brexit minister now claims hard Brexit was ‘essential’.
Downing Street said late last night the UK government is prepared to consider tearing up elements of Northern Ireland’s Brexit deal, despite a Cabinet minister insisting the option would not be used before Christmas.
"Especially the type as the UK has proposed it, negotiated it, and signed the agreement up on it with us.”
Brexiteer Owen Paterson sensationally quit the House of Commons amid fury at a lobbying scandal last week – triggering a by-election in his North Shropshire seat.
It’s probably fair to say that Owen Paterson was not a household name until the events that led to his resignation last week. However, he played a significant role in the Brexit saga, albeit of a particular sort.
European Union judges must have a role overseeing Northern Ireland’s Brexit arrangements, a senior EU official has said in rejection to British demands.
Frans Timmermans said it was ‘extremely well-known in London’ that UK demand could not be met.
Bob Hancké reports on a recent study which suggests not only that the agreement has made trade in goods between the UK and the EU very difficult, but that it has also severely limited Britain’s ability to conclude free trade agreements with the rest of the world.
'Global Britain' could increase emissions by the equivalent of 44,000 transatlantic flights, research found.
PRO-EUROPE groups in Oxford are aiming to place themselves at the centre of the battle to re-join the EU’s customs union and single market, with a Labour peer telling them it needs to happen “as soon as possible”.
Findings cast doubt on Boris Johnson commitment to climate action ahead of key summit, Commission claims.
"Oxfordians want to build-back-better and level-up but we have one hand tied behind our backs labelled Brexit," the association behind the movement told TLE.
UK drug distributors and those involved in the parallel importing of drugs have told the parliamentary Health Select Committee that they want to see the UK remain in the customs union and the single market.
If so, Ireland would risk being seen as less than a full member of the EU single market.
Former taoiseach Bertie Ahern has described the tactics of the United Kingdom’s Brexit negotiating team as “deplorable”.
The EU's Brexit negotiator has told a seminar in Dublin that there will be no renegotiation of the Northern Ireland Protocol and that the EU will not accept any solution that will cut the region off from the benefits of the single market.
Business leaders said improved trade between north and south would "inevitably put pressure on the Union".
This is the moment James O'Brien reacts to former Brexit Secretary David Davis telling LBC that the haulage industry's failure to act has led to post-Brexit tanker and HGV driver shortages.
EMPTY SUPERMARKET SHELVES, queues at petrol stations and pumps running dry is far from what one would expect from Britain in 2021.
"Nobody can be surprised. The British government decided to leave the EU, to leave the single market, to leave the customs union. That means mechanic consequences."
This paper examines the macro-economic benefits of the Single Market in goods and services by simulating a counterfactual scenario in which tariffs and non-tariff barriers are reintroduced. In this counterfactual scenario, intra-EU trade flows are significantly reduced.
Even prominent Leave voters are no longer ignoring the evidence that Britain is now on the wrong side of the single market.
The Food and Drink Federation said Lord Frost's latest delay "penalises those who follow government advice".