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A Labour MP said Lord Frost, who was Britain's chief Brexit negotiator under Boris Johnson, had made clear the choice to voters at the next election after he joined the Global Warming Policy Foundation.
Manufacturing firms are appealing to ministers to match a European grant scheme that subsidised the cost of installing renewable energy. / Under the EU system companies were able to claim up to a third of the cost for installing solar panels, biomass boilers or double glazing.
One of the supposed ‘benefits’ of Brexit was the ‘bonfire of Brussels red-tape‘ which was promised by libertarian Brexiteers. Two weeks into the administration of Liz Truss, the new government announced that they were planning to revoke 570 environmental laws which, in order to continue environmental protections, were rolled over from EU law after Brexit.
The director general of the National Trust said that investment zones ‘represent a free-for-all for nature and heritage’.
Promises that exiting the EU would leave the UK better placed to protect the environment lie in tatters.
Government criticised over ‘indefensible’ proposal that could undermine climate efforts while yielding benefit of only £1.38m.
Rural voters say they’re being neglected by the government – and farmers are disgruntled too, warning that rising costs could lead to food shortages… and that post-Brexit trade deals will see them losing out to cheap imports.
Government condemned for trying ‘to rush it through’ – in echoes of Northern Ireland Protocol now being torn up. / MPs should block the Australia trade deal because the government has broken a promise to allow it to be scrutinised properly, a damning report says.
Ministers criticised for failing to fight for ‘ambitious’ commitments to cut CO2 emissions.
A backlash against Boris Johnson’s plan to cut Britain's carbon emissions is gaining prominent backers in the U.K. — and they're dusting off the playbook used by the Brexit campaign.
A small group of rightwing MPs are jangling Tory nerves and using questions about living costs to undermine climate action.
A network of academic experts analysing how Brexit is affecting the environment. / We are a network of impartial academic experts analysing the implications of Brexit for UK and EU environmental policy and governance.
According to experts, the best long-term environmental and economic measure Tory ministers could adopt is a close relationship with the EU market.
UK businesses are paying 10 per cent more than their EU counterparts to trade their emissions following Brexit.
Government refusal to link carbon market to EU’s has led to higher cost for British businesses.
Government scheme to replace EU agricultural payments fuelled by ‘blind optimism’ and still lacking crucial details, say MPs.
Fears for farmers and anger over dropping of pledge to bind Australia to crucial climate temperature limit.
The UK's largest environmental charities have slammed the government for not doing enough to encourage an uptake in nature-friendly farming methods to tackle climate change.
'Hang on we were told the UK was first in line for a trade deal,' wrote one Twitter user.
Findings cast doubt on Boris Johnson commitment to climate action ahead of key summit, Commission claims.
Brexit is undermining efforts to switch to renewable energy in the fight against climate change, a senior SNP government minister warned.
The Australian and UK governments are at odds over why key climate targets were stripped out of a future trade deal.
TORY ministers caved in to Australian ministers’ climate demands during talks on a post-Brexit trade deal, according to a leaked government email.
The British government secretly dropped a series of climate pledges in order to secure a post-Brexit trade deal with Australia, leaked emails appear to show.
The North York Moors National Park Authority, which approved the world’s largest polyhalite mine development, is examining how it can meet tree planting targets to offset the development’s impact in the face of a national shortage of saplings.