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According to experts, the best long-term environmental and economic measure Tory ministers could adopt is a close relationship with the EU market.
UK businesses are paying 10 per cent more than their EU counterparts to trade their emissions following Brexit.
Government refusal to link carbon market to EU’s has led to higher cost for British businesses.
Government scheme to replace EU agricultural payments fuelled by ‘blind optimism’ and still lacking crucial details, say MPs.
Fears for farmers and anger over dropping of pledge to bind Australia to crucial climate temperature limit.
The UK's largest environmental charities have slammed the government for not doing enough to encourage an uptake in nature-friendly farming methods to tackle climate change.
'Hang on we were told the UK was first in line for a trade deal,' wrote one Twitter user.
Findings cast doubt on Boris Johnson commitment to climate action ahead of key summit, Commission claims.
Brexit is undermining efforts to switch to renewable energy in the fight against climate change, a senior SNP government minister warned.
The Australian and UK governments are at odds over why key climate targets were stripped out of a future trade deal.
TORY ministers caved in to Australian ministers’ climate demands during talks on a post-Brexit trade deal, according to a leaked government email.
The British government secretly dropped a series of climate pledges in order to secure a post-Brexit trade deal with Australia, leaked emails appear to show.
The North York Moors National Park Authority, which approved the world’s largest polyhalite mine development, is examining how it can meet tree planting targets to offset the development’s impact in the face of a national shortage of saplings.
Report sets out the myriad ways ongoing discussions over Brexit climate and energy policy are affecting the UK's chances of meeting climate goals.
Focusing on the implications of Brexit for meeting net zero, this brief highlights areas that require urgent attention and calls for a renewed spotlight on Brexit and energy.
Brexit is making the UK's transition to net-zero "more complex", a new report has warned, stating that Covid-19 has further delayed efforts to set strong decarbonisation policies for an independent UK.
A NEW Scottish Government fund aims to “reinvigorate and repair” research links with Europe following Brexit.
Baker has joined the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a group that perpetuates “lies and falsehoods” over climate science.
The country is not neither prepared for, nor used to, change on the scale required to deal with climate change, Brexit, an ageing population, Covid and technological shifts, says Resolution Foundation.
Environmental groups are unsatisfied with Green Brexit's weaker regulations. The UK's touted departure from the EU has led to a great reshuffling of regulations across the board. However, for many environmental advocacy groups, these changes are quickly proving to be not in the planet's favor.
Salmon farmers are, like all of us, anticipating the arrival of the United Nation’s COP26 conference in Glasgow later this year and are actively engaging with the Scottish Government’s target of net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.
The so-called “green Brexit” promised by the government has not been delivered, a coalition of environment groups says.
The European Parliament's environment committee has criticised the EU-UK trade agreement's lack of clarity in climate and environmental provisions.
In what follows, a group of leading social scientists explore these themes, explaining what has happened in the past, the situation the UK finds itself in now, and the issues that might confront us going forward. The collection is intended as a guide to the big questions confronting the country in the years to come.