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Dominic Raab defends rebranding account during debate and adds: ‘no one gives a toss’.
Johnson’s chief of staff lied to media about drafting of Benn act, Grieve says at PMQs.
Dominic Raab refused to rule out a further prorogation of Parliament, ahead of the Supreme Court's ruling on the issue.
Downing Street tells Brussels negotiators documents must not be shared with 27 states.
Foreign secretary suggests government will find a way around the legislation, to ensure the UK leaves the EU at the end of October.
The foreign secretary is asked why the UK would want to rely on organisation with ‘inherent flaws’ that ‘even its leader recognises is struggling with legitimacy’.
The ex-Chancellor continued his public feud with Boris Johnson, attacking the Prime Minister's 'hypocritical' plan to stifle dissent.
The moment that James O'Brien took a forensic look at the words of Dominic Raab is at number six in the countdown of his top clips.
'We're going to be depriving ourselves of a lot of information that we will be spending the next few years trying to find out by other means'
Critics say No 10 move to quit bloc’s institutional structures leaves UK blindsided. / British diplomats will pull out from the EU’s institutional structures of power in Brussels within days, under plans being drawn up by Downing Street.
A former Sainsbury's chief has warned of 'significant gaps' on supermarket shelves within a week of a no-deal Brexit.
"Desperate" Britain is "delusional" to expect a favourable trade deal with the US, an ex-Obama advisor has warned, as Dominic Raab seeks to "fire up" the UK's trade relationship with North America.
Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claimed that he had talked of the possibility of a no-deal Brexit during the referendum campaign in 2016.
Tory leadership candidates have turned on “dictator” Dominic Raab after he refused to rule out suspending Parliament to push through Brexit by the end of October.
Boris Johnson was represented by an empty lectern during Channel 4′s Tory leadership contest on Sunday evening, after the frontrunner to succeed Theresa May refused to take part.
The Tory leadership candidate said MPs would set up parliament outside the Palace of Westminster if the frontrunner for PM tried to lock them out. / Tory leadership candidate Rory Stewart has said he will “bring down” front-runner Boris Johnson as prime minister if he tries to suspend parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit.
Opposition MPs have lost critical vote on a bid to prevent a future Tory prime minister from forcing through a no-deal Brexit.
Opposition day debate picked for motion backed by SNP, Lib Dems, Greens and a Tory MP.
Labour has tabled a cross-party motion to try to stop a future prime minister pushing through a no-deal Brexit against the wishes of MPs.
Huge constitutional clash looms if Tory rebels join bid to spike guns of a new Tory leader. / Boris Johnson’s vow to deliver a no-deal Brexit is facing a major cross-party ambush after Labour moved to give parliament new control over the process.
'MPs cannot be bystanders while the next Tory PM tries to crash the UK out of the EU,' says Starmer. / Labour will mount a bid to seize control of the Commons agenda to prevent the next Tory prime minister forcing through a no-deal Brexit.
I've been tagged in this because I was on #Newsnight on the same panel, but I wasn't asked to respond to this claim about Dominic Raab. So I thought it might be helpful to share the actual clip from the Panorama documentary referenced, showing Barnier talking about Raab.
Boris Johnson viewed as Trump-like figure while Dominic Raab accused of ‘making things up’. / The EU has been on a Brexit break since the UK secured a six-month delay to its departure. With Theresa May soon to leave 10 Downing Street, Brussels is tuning in to the Westminster drama of the Tory leadership race – with both amazement and exasperation.
Ex-minister Nick Boles says cross-party group which forced Theresa May to delay Brexit have a new plan.