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Across the world, there is incomprehension at what we have done to ourselves.
Filth spewing into a picturesque stretch of U.K. coastline is far from the image of post-Brexit Britain that Boris Johnson wants to portray.
Zac Goldsmith’s claims that Brexit could help the environment have been utterly demolished this week.
As sewage pours into the sea along England’s south coast, eagle-eyed commentators are flashing back to environment minister Zac Goldsmith that environmental regulations wouldn’t be weakened after Brexit.
IN September 2019, the UK Government made public its list of “reasonable worst case assumptions” in the wake of a no-deal Brexit.
Reckless cuts and the impact of Brexit have left rivers dangerously polluted.
Wastewater plants in England offered waiver because of impact of lorry driver crisis.
The supply chain crisis has sparked a relaxation of rules on dumping waste water.
Supply chain disruption leading to fears of water treatment chemical shortage.
Huge sections of the UK coastline were too polluted for swimming until EU legal action forced the government to clean up.
The negotiations which will set our relationship with our closest neighbours for the next generation are being rushed in a reckless game of chicken.
London MEP says it is 'clear the government cannot be left to its own devices when it comes to keeping our water sources safe'.
20 sites fail safe bathing criteria stoking fears UK will once more be ‘dirty man of Europe’ after Brexit