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Two weeks into Brexit, problems are mounting and recriminations are flying in all directions. The reality of Brexit is proving every bit as toxic as the four-and-a-half-year slog that got us to this point.
Households will be particularly hard hit at start of next year and into spring.
New supply chains, brand new system, and ... oh dear, it's still not ready yet.
Emergency traffic measures to last until ‘end of October 2021’ – with a giant lorry park to hold 2,000 goods vehicles.
Warning of cross-Channel permits for only 2,088 businesses from January without a trade deal – a huge fall from 8,348.
For some weeks the British government has been planning a “shock and awe” campaign to warn British businesses that they have less than six months to prepare for Brexit; but the EU has beaten them to it.
A "safety and security" agreement removing the need for post-Brexit entry and exit declarations between Britain and the north of Ireland is needed, the freight industry said.
The U.K. risks failing to recruit the 50,000 customs agents the logistics industry says are needed before Britain’s final parting with the European Union, spelling potential chaos at the country’s busiest border.
Businesses fear big hold-ups at the docks when the UK leaves the EU customs area because of untrained staff.
With the NHS under such exceptional pressure during the coronavirus crisis, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the UK’s Brexit transition period ends on December 31. Mark Dayan takes a closer look at how these two challenges for the health service might collide, and says there is a case to err on the side of caution.
The challenges posed by the COVID-19 virus will make the effective implementation of any new legislation impossible in the short term, says FTA, the business group representing the logistics sector.
Realities of leaving single market and customs union revealed to businesses - after controversy ducked during election campaign.
De facto deputy PM says nearly all EU imports will be subject to checks from next year.
Labour leader demands transparency for public and business.
Government figures seek to play down predictions of food, medicine and fuel shortages in leaked document.
Transport body warns UK lorries would need counter-terrorism safety certificates.
Hauliers across the UK will be returning to work today (11 February 2019) to discover whether they have been lucky in the “International Lottery” for one of less than 1,000 available haulage permits that will be required for them to send trucks to the Continent and Ireland in the event of a No Deal Brexit.
Several Northern Ireland firms seeking special permits to trade across EU borders after Brexit have been told their applications were unsuccessful.