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Taxpayers could face paying for large fine after Downing Street fails to put forward nominee.
Prime minister refusing to pick after new president says UK must send a candidate.
EU trade commissioner says he believes ‘penny is finally dropping’ for Boris Johnson.
Richard Porritt and Geri Scott are back to delve ever deeper in to the world of Brexit. This week they try to stay interested in the race for Number 10, profile Ursula von der Leyen and pick their political headliners.
Brussels rallies amid elevation of Brexiteer Boris Johnson to UK's highest office, says it will stick to Brexit deal.
EU restates opposition as Ursula von der Leyen warns of ‘challenging times ahead’.
EU Commissioner slams ‘cheap promises, simplified visions, blatantly incorrect statements’.
Policy comes as incoming president seeks to tackle claims she would be beholden to Poland and Hungary
Nigel Farage is facing mockery after he claimed the new European Commission president lacked "legitimacy" because she won just 52 per cent of the vote.
German minister wins narrow backing of MEPs to succeed Jean-Claude Juncker
The candidate expected to take over as head of the EU executive said she is willing to grant another Brexit extension if the UK needs it.
Nominee to lead European commission also says ‘precious’ backstop must be defended.
From Ursula von der Leyen at the European commission to Christine Lagarde at the ECB, your guide to key EU jobs
Ursula von der Leyen to head European commission and Christine Lagarde to lead ECB