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National Farmers’ Union president Minette Batters has taken a swipe at former prime minister Boris Johnson for adopting a “morally bankrupt” position during post-Brexit trade talks with the US.
As part of efforts to maintain the Good Friday Agreement and make sure there is no border in the sea or on the island of Ireland, the Windsor Framework was devised. One aspect of this will see “Not for EU” labelling required on British food products sold throughout the UK.
It was long touted as one of the biggest prizes of Brexit, but Liz Truss has finally been forced to drop the Government’s plan to strike a free trade deal with the US.
Swimming pools face having to close because of a shortage of chemicals needed to chlorinate the water.
“Australian Brexit” used to be an upbeat euphemism for a “no deal” Brexit outcome. Now, Australia promises a far more profound insight into the true nature of Brexit.
Whether there is a Brexit deal or not, the Scottish and UK governments are heading into another constitutional standoff with legislation to set up an "internal market" passing through Westminster. What is the latest row all about?
Ministers have refused to sign safeguards, potentially spelling disaster for farmers after Brexit.
Watchdog to finally get teeth to block chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef imports
MPs have overturned measures designed to protect domestic food standards in future trade deals, amid fears over chlorinated chicken.
The final round of trade negotiations between the UK and the EU begins on Tuesday and runs for the rest of the week.
Charles Michel says British ‘face a dilemma’ over whether to lower regulatory standards.
Only half of UK firms that trade internationally have considered the impact of Brexit on their business, says the British Chambers of Commerce.
MPs have stirred a debate after voting on 'New Clause 17' - an amendment giving 'cast-iron' protection to the NHS in a trade deal. Tory MPs did not support it - but a handful did rebel over the issue more widely
Proposals due to be published on Thursday by the UK Government will see powers in at least 70 policy areas previously controlled by the EU flow instead to Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast
Fed-up farmers broke off from the busy harvest schedule to travel to Westminster today (Wednesday 8 July) and tell Boris Johnson’s government “don’t destroy Britain’s world-class farming industry by striking cheap food trade deals”.
Senior figures in Scotland and Wales warn Brexit is bringing a ‘statutory fist crashing down’.
George Freeman tells HuffPost UK Boris Johnson must not "sell out" manifesto pledge as MPs prepare for fresh potential rebellions.
The grocer also promised to avoid America’s hormone-injected beef and to only sell British produce.
‘We will never compromise on the standards or specifications of our products,’ says supermarket boss.
Consumer groups and Lib Dem MP Layla Moran call on chains to follow Waitrose's lead ahead of US-UK trade deal.
The negotiations which will set our relationship with our closest neighbours for the next generation are being rushed in a reckless game of chicken.
Trade secretary agrees to set up a commission to oversee trade deals amid growing concern over chlorinated chicken imports.
Supermarket boss says it would be 'wrong' to keep high standards at home and import lower quality food from abroad
'Trade campaigners have welcomed the release of leaked papers detailing trade talks between the Trump administration and British government officials, which show the US government pushing Britain into as hard a Brexit as possible because they see this as the best way of benefitting the US economy. This comes at the expense of standards, protections and livelihoods in Britain.'
Air pollution enforcement and chemical regulations could be undermined after UK leaves EU, say campaigners.