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Paris, Frankfurt and Dublin are most successful in luring roles from UK, say consultants
A new survey shows that since the Brexit referendum, Dublin remains the most popular destination for staff relocations and new European hubs or offices.
The Irish balance sheets of a range of global banks that run international operations from Dublin has ballooned to more than half a billion euros.
The French capital has gained one year on from Brexit, but cities such as Dublin, Amsterdam and Frankfurt have also emerged as winners.
Pan-European exchange Euronext said on Monday it will clear all trades on its newly acquired Italian platform by 2024, helping the European Union cut its reliance on the London Stock Exchange for core financial activities after Brexit.
High-earning financiers have been abandoning London and moving to Frankfurt, Paris and Milan. That’s worrisome for the U.K. financial capital.
THE UK's decision to break away from the EU cost service exports more than £110 billion over a four-year period, new research has shown.
State’s 2016-2019 services exports £126bn higher than projections based on prior trends
Dublin was been chosen as the most desirable place for jobs from London’s financial district, as 135 firms have relocated business to the Irish capital because of Brexit, according to new research.
Those who have the right to work in the EU can reapply for their jobs.
Investment banks are shifting more rainmakers out of London to financial centres across the European Union, accelerating the pace of moves after the pandemic and uncertainty over Britain’s access to the bloc slowed relocations.
The U.K.’s departure from the European Union has gifted the City of London’s European rivals with a once-in-a-generation opportunity to win back some of the business that has gravitated towards the Square Mile over the past few decades.
JPMorgan Chase & Co. is further expanding its balance sheet in Frankfurt as it adapts to a post-Brexit Europe.
Dublin has been crowned the most desirable place for City jobs, as 135 firms have relocated business to the Irish capital due to Brexit, new research has revealed.
Amsterdam was one of the five place in the European Union most successful at luring British financial firms who were looking to establish a new headquarters office or hub because of Brexit.
The U.K.’s departure from the European Union pushed more than 440 financial firms to move at least some of their operations, staff, assets or legal entities from Britain to the bloc.
Over 400 financial firms in Britain have shifted activities, staff and a combined trillion pounds ($1.4 trillion) in assets to hubs in the European Union due to Brexit, with more pain to come, a study from New Financial think tank said on Friday.
Finance firms have announced that about 7,600 jobs will move from the UK to the EU, according to a study by consultancy EY.
Activity in first three months of year indicates UK's withdrawal from EU could remake financial centres across Europe in coming years. / A month after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Boris Johnson was asked whether he thought the finance industry would keep its rights to trade freely in the bloc. “I do, I do,” he told reporters. It was never that simple.
London has been the unrivaled king of European finance for more than three decades. Brexit is starting to change that.
Bank of France chief claims ‘50 British entities’ have moved over the Channel, while Dublin, Amsterdam and Frankfurt have also benefited.
This is the most chilling explanation of what Brexit will do to the UK economy after December. By @AdamPosen, President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics.
JPMorgan, the biggest U.S. bank, is moving around €200 billion euros ($230 billion) from the U.K. to Germany as a result of Britain’s exit from the EU. Here’s why.