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The stock exchange ‘going down the gurgler’, a ‘hammer blow’ to the food industry, married Britons punished, and some rare Brexit upsides
It has been almost two and a half years since the United Kingdom signed its post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union (EU), which was expected to have multifaceted impacts on the UK economy.
The impact of Brexit on trade, immigration and political economy in new e-book.
European Commission vice-president says Brussels wants to get ‘Brexit done’ – while London refuses to talk about Northern Ireland.
Now that many advanced economies have recovered and are close to – or above – their pre-pandemic level of output, we can compare Britain’s economic performance to its peers. The results are troubling.
UK businesses that trade with Europe are continuing to have a tough time because of post-Brexit bureaucracy, according to an investigation carried out by the Financial Times.
In this report, Sarah Hall, Senior Fellow at UK in a Changing Europe and Martin Heneghan, Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham explore the consequences to date of Brexit, and particularly of the TCA, for service providers.
New research from economics experts at Aston University has found Brexit has caused a largely negative effect on UK services trade since the EU referendum.
SINCE the EU referendum in 2016, there have been largely negative effects to the UK services trade, according to new research.
Businesspeople, academics, journalists and a top trade unionist have formed a group with the purpose of repairing fractured UK-EU relations.
The collision of the pandemic and leaving the European Union (EU) has tipped an £18bn loss in travel services trade, according to the latest figures.
On 26 October, we held a panel event to discuss the impact of Brexit on music specifically and the Arts generally. / As a preface to the evening’s discussion, the editor-in-chief, Anthea Simmons, read out a powerful, personal message from Sir Howard Goodall which we reproduce here in full.
A new report exposes in detail the impact that Brexit is having on businesses - with the effects getting worse over time, not better.
Recently, the government launched a wide-ranging consultation on proposed changes to the UK’s data landscape, with Brussels’ warnings that it will sever a data-sharing agreement with the UK if the proposed reforms are found to pose a threat to EU citizens’ privacy.
We need permission from France, Germany et al to rejoin an international treaty or risk hamstringing a large part of Britain’s legal services industry.
A summit crucial to the issue of climate change is instead mired in disentangling the mess of Britain’s exit from the EU
Experts found that UK services exports between 2016 and 2019 were £113 billion lower than they would have been if not for Brexit.
THE UK's decision to break away from the EU cost service exports more than £110 billion over a four-year period, new research has shown.
Warning that crisis will ‘get worse as businesses see that there is not much going on in UK-EU negotiations’.
State’s 2016-2019 services exports £126bn higher than projections based on prior trends
A wide-ranging free trade pact between the UK and Norway will have to be pushed back as Norway’s coalition government failed to reach an agreement today.
85 per cent of UK businesses have restructured in the wake of January’s Brexit deal, and the majority believe leaving the EU has negatively impacted operations, according to a new report.
The UK’s obsession with regulation autonomy has “strong implications", Luisa Santos said.
It was Boris Johnson’s choice to prioritise “sovereignty” over the economy – and Britain is already paying the price.
A broad coalition of London leaders have called on Government to recognise the damage that the wrong Brexit deal could inflict on the city.