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Brexit will never be over.
The United Kingdom has passed the point of no return. It has less than six months to reach a new trade deal with the European Union or risk heaping more pressure on companies that are already laying off tens of thousands of workers because of the coronavirus pandemic.
The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator rejected the U.K.’s latest proposals for financial firms to do business with the 27-nation bloc after Brexit, accusing Britain of trying to keep as many of the benefits of the single market as it can.
Deadline to agree regulatory equivalence for financial services and allow business after Brexit likely to be missed.
The U.K.’s hopes of a swift trade deal with Japan will ultimately rest on a successful resolution to the main talks between London and the European Union on a new trading arrangement, some experts say.
anks should prepare for the possibility of a no-deal in post-Brexit trade talks between Britain and the European Union, the Bank of England said on Wednesday.
Governor tells banks to prepare for risk of UK failing to reach a deal by 2020 deadline
Andrew Bailey reminds banks of the need to have contingencies in case talks between UK and EU leaders do not result in a deal by 31 December.
Britain’s financial services sector should be ready for a no-deal Brexit when a transition period with Brussels expires in December, a senior European Union official said on Wednesday.
Amid uncertainty over a "no-deal" Brexit, a report shows banking and finance firms are moving more assets and staff from Britain to the EU than previously thought. Dublin and Frankfurt are among the top destinations.
The EU is the largest export market for Britain’s financial firms, but their access will be cut off if no new trading terms have been agreed by January when a post-Brexit transition period ends.
Checks and controls on all UK exports to EU whether or not trade deal struck, says Brussels negotiator.
UK dismisses EU call for its trawlers to continue operating in UK waters.
The Netherlands has lured 140 Brexit-wary companies since the 2016 referendum to quit the EU, it was claimed on Wednesday.
EU chief Brexit negotiator scotches hopes of special deal for City of London.
The European Union swiftly rebuffed calls from the UK government that London's financial services firms should enjoy continued access to the single market even if the country breaks away from the bloc's rules after Brexit.
'With the UK having left the EU at the end of January, we will in due course no longer be able to operate in the UK with our European banking licence. As such we can no longer open new N26 accounts and will be closing existing accounts on 15 April 2020. ... We are sorry to be leaving and we understand this will be disappointing for our customers.'
London is currently Europe’s leading financial centre but the French authorities dream of seeing Paris in the lead.
Guy Hands, Terra Firma Capital Partners chairman and chief investment officer, discusses the impact of Brexit on U.K. exports, investment strategy, and the influence of environmental, social and governance issues on the firm's mergers and acquisitions.
Survey of top bankers and asset managers puts Wall Street in front of the City as favoured location for financial services.
Brussels firms up position and bloc’s unity before tough talks on future relationship with UK.
British PM is now more likely to push for 'harder' divorce from EU.
Are banking jobs moving out of London because of Brexit? An updated report from thinktank New Financial suggests they are: New Financial says 332 financial services firms have already moved jobs out of London because of Brexit, up from 60 last time they looked in March.
‘Prepare for the worst’ EU officials tell business after Sajid Javid’s FT interview.