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Fewer scholars from Italy, Germany, France and Netherlands working in British universities, says report.
Boris Johnson’s rotten regime has not covered itself in glory. / For an un-jaundiced sense of how post-Brexit – sorry Global – Britain is viewed from abroad as the wheels fall off Boris Johnson’s rotten regime, Italy is a good place to start.
The First Minister is to speak with Italy's Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta this morning in Edinburgh at the start of his two day visit.
Pan-European exchange Euronext said on Monday it will clear all trades on its newly acquired Italian platform by 2024, helping the European Union cut its reliance on the London Stock Exchange for core financial activities after Brexit.
Fourteen countries likely to take tough stance in future talks about fisheries if access to UK waters does not improve.
Five years after Britain voted to leave the European Union, most Europeans say they would welcome them back.
Britain's economy is on course to deteriorate to the level of deeply-struggling Italy over the next decade if it is unable to overcome the hit taken by challenges, including Brexit, according to a new report.
"Today’s mafias are moving among countries and continents, and where they find weakness in international cooperation, they exploit that opportunity.”
Torture survivors and lone children stuck in Greece and Italy after Home Office ‘deliberately’ ends cooperation on family reunions. / “Before Brexit, there was a clear process for children to join their families in the UK, but since then the government has failed to communicate effectively with European authorities,” said Bethany Gardiner-Smith.
There are new rules causing serious problems in France, Spain and Italy.
Salmon exports fell 98% in January from year-earlier period. / Sales to Germany, Ireland, Italy down by more than 80%: FDF.
HMRC figures reveal huge year-on-year falls in trade, with whisky, cheese and chocolate worst hit.
The number of Japanese firms in the UK fell by 12 percent between 2014 and 2019. / Brexit drove a shift in Japanese firms out of the U.K. and toward continental Europe, a report shows.
Starting from 1st January 2021, the provision of banking, financial investment services in Italy by British banks, electronic money institutions, and investment firms shall be deemed to be abusive, unless they have obtained the required authorizations to operate as third-country firms by the competent supervisory authorities.
Emmanuel Macron is urging the negotiators not to compromise while Angela Merkel is anxious that talks are not derailed.
Experts express concern over the loss of Britons’ free movement rights after Brexit.
Charities in several countries in Europe have been handed government funding to help vulnerable residents apply for post-Brexit residency.
The British in Italy group was formed following the Brexit referendum by a small number of concerned British citizens living in Italy, to campaign to protect our existing rights as EU citizens and those of EU citizens resident in the UK.
An exodus of medical specialists is putting new strains on the U.K.’s National Health Service. / Pioneering transplant surgeon Paolo Muiesan is returning to Italy after about 1,000 operations and 26 years in the U.K. The reason, he says, is Brexit.
Italy's PM, Matteo Renzi, says it will be "impossible" for Brexit talks to provide a deal that gives British people more rights than those outside the EU.
Evan Davis interviews Sandro Gozi, Italy's undersecretary for European affairs about Theresa May's vision for Brexit.
Viktor Orban said he wanted to see an anti-immigration majority in the EU institutions and that he would team up with countries like Italy and Poland to change the bloc’s direction.