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The creation of a giant Brexit border control site off the M20 is likely to cost taxpayers a staggering £70 million, it has emerged.
From up above, it resembles a sports stadium, void of spectators or athletes. Or a motorway service station, similarly vacant without a car or a lorry in plain sight.
Drone pictures reveal how a giant Brexit border control site off the M20 near Ashford is now sitting empty.
A Brexit border control post in Holyhead is set to shrink under plans for a lighter touch system using more data and technology. In May, the UK Government delayed introducing more checks on EU goods entering the UK for the fourth time over fears it will impact supply chains and add to rising inflation.
Dozens of staff recruited to process and check food goods arriving from Europe could have to be redeployed after the government announced a further delay on new post-Brexit border controls.
Ministers urged to fulfil promise of new facilities, as desperate drivers forced to ‘s*** in bushes’.
There are calls for the new Brexit minister Liz Truss to visit a village near Ashford where truckers keep getting lost on their way to a lorry park.
Angry residents are growing increasingly impatient waiting for a solution to be found to stop lorry park-bound truckers getting lost in Mersham.
The change means the emergency measure – which repurposes part of the M20 motorway as a lorry park – could be put back in place at any time.
Floodlights at a Brexit lorry park in Kent have "destroyed" the night sky, residents say.
The border facility, which is still under construction, was set up by the Government to hold around 1,700 lorries in case of border disruption.
Residents next to a large Brexit lorry park in Ashford say it is as bright as Wembley Stadium and has ruined the dark night sky for miles around.
Government officials are continuing to block the release of information about the impact of post-Brexit lorry park holding sites, saying it is not in the public interest.
A huge Brexit lorry park in Ashford is as bright as Wembley Stadium and has ruined the dark night sky for miles around, according to angry residents.
The government’s Inland Border Point (IBP) at Whitfield has won the support of Dover District Council tonight despite complaints the authority was making“blind deliberations” with no guarantee.
The government has paid the owner of land being used as a Brexit lorry park in Ashford almost £6m in rent, it has emerged.
Locals condemn lack of consultation over customs clearance site for 1,200 lorries.
Confused truckers trying to find a huge Brexit lorry park are getting lost in a nearby village - making houses shake and churning up grass verges.
Letter sent on New Year’s Eve warns that area has been purchased for use as customs site.
A former military airfield in Dumfries and Galloway will be used as an emergency lorry park if Brexit causes disruption at Cairnryan.
People in Ebbsfleet and Warrington are worried by the development of inland border facilities on their doorstep. They tell Rory Sullivan about their concerns Rory Sullivan
Brussels asks France to go easy on UK and lift ‘blanket’ travel ban on freight.
Heavy rain has hampered work on site intended to relieve queues around Dover from 1 January.
Ministers at Holyrood are still trying to find ‘additional space’ in the event that freight traffic bound for Northern Ireland had to be ‘stacked’ due to border delays.
THE UK Government’s Brexit plans are "bonkers" and "a shambles", according to a director of the Road Haulage Association (RHA).