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Waiting times could even triple with the UK’s ‘third-country nationals’ no longer in the EU.
From queues in Dover to rising food prices, Brexit has been blamed for a number of things impacting families. But it has given us Rishi Sunak's 'Brexit pub guarantee' - here we look at the good, the bad and the ugly consequences.
It appears HM Treasury has realised bringing in a measure that will so obviously lead to higher food prices is not a good idea when the country is in the grip of an inflation spiral.
There remains widespread anger amongst Scotland’s farmers and growers amid press reports that the UK Government is to further delay – for the fourth time – the introduction of post-Brexit border controls on animal and plant products imported from the EU.
Post-Brexit checks on fresh farm produce coming to the UK from the EU have been delayed again, the BBC understands. / New import controls on EU food products had been due to begin in October. There is concern that the extra checks on imported goods will push up prices and fuel inflation.
Further delays to introducing post-Brexit border controls on fresh farm produce from the EU 'seriously disregards' the interests of British farmers, NFU Scotland has warned.
The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has issued a statement in response to the news that the implementation of the UK Government’s Border Target Operating Model, which will have a significant impact on UK biosecurity, may been further delayed.
Brits have pledged never to go through the port of Dover again after long queues at customs made the journey intolerable.
Following the recent Spanish elections, Andrew Canessa shines a light on the problematic nature of Gibraltar’s border with Spain, and the protracted efforts to resolve the issue.
Plaid Cymru has expressed serious concerns over the potential impact of the planned application of full Brexit border checks from the autumn.
Guernsey has seen a huge increase in customs declarations and immigration applications since Brexit took effect, and the idea of GST will create more work demanding additional resources on top of that, the Head of Law Enforcement has warned. / “Brexit really has, to a small jurisdiction, brought a disproportionate amount of additional pressure.”
The international high-speed rail service connecting the United Kingdom with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Eurostar, has said that it is considering putting an end to its ski train services to the Alps.
At this point, asymmetry of UK-EU trade dynamics verges dangerously on the edge of being normalised. Food import checks have been postponed four times over the past two years, symbolic not only of the unlevel playing field that continues to penalise British poultry meat exporters but adding to inflating production costs as a reminder that Brexit is Unfinished Business.
The seven British-based Formula One teams have asked the government to help ease post-Brexit border crossing and permit problems and are hopeful of a solution, Alpine principal Otmar Szafnauer said on Wednesday.
Britain’s looming departure from the European Union has sparked a rush to bring goods into the country before Jan. 1, pushing up delivery prices and generating queues at borders.
France’s public sector spending watchdog also raised concerns about new residents and school trips.
UK fresh produce traders will not be able to absorb the estimated £10m extra cost of checking goods entering from EU, warns the Fresh Produce Consortium.
Post-Brexit border charges due to be introduced next January could impact UK consumers higher food prices and supply chain disruption, warns UK food and logistics industry bodies.
A new post-Brexit system of border checks for goods coming into the UK from the EU will trigger further food price rises, industry leaders have warned.
So far Irish exporters, particularly those involved in the export of food products, live animals, animal products, plants, or plant products, have been immune to the full impact of Brexit.
The Fresh Produce Consortium said the April draft proposals would have had a “devastating financial impact”.
The construction of the inspection facilities was ordered by Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Thérèse Coffey following the signing of the Windsor Framework.
The Government has delayed plans for a fourth time to impose further checks on EU goods entering the UK as Jacob Rees-Mogg admitted the move would cost £1bn.
The £25m port facility was built to fit government plans but stands empty while new border strategy is delayed.