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At least £466m was spent constructing and running seven Inland Border Facilities – but Government then ripped up its policy amid fears of food shortages.
A French company has won the contract for post-Brexit border checks, in a blow to hopes that domestic businesses would be prioritised in public procurement.
The creation of a giant Brexit border control site off the M20 is likely to cost taxpayers a staggering £70 million, it has emerged.
The African Union, comprised of 55 Member States, has prioritized enhancing regional integration and development, and in 2016 decided to move towards a “borderless” Africa with seamless intracontinental migration.
Capacity issues caused by post-Brexit border controls and a shortage of border police are forcing Eurostar to leave thousands of seats unsold every day on its high-speed trains from London to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.
Uncertain Brexit negotiations over a contested border, a troubled past, debates over sovereignty. It might sound familiar, but we're not talking about Northern Ireland.
"Then in 2021 we had Brexit which led to a huge increase in paperwork both for importers and exporters and the cost of additional administration. There were transport issues, hold-ups at the border and additional staff pressures, most notably in the agricultural sector with seasonal labour.
ondon trains leave Amsterdam at least 78% empty because of constraints on UK border checks. / Thousands of seats are deliberately going unsold on Eurostar trains every day as the cross-Channel train operator struggles with post-Brexit passport controls.
Boris Johnson agreed in the final hours of the Northern Ireland Protocol negotiations that there would be customs declarations on goods exiting Northern Ireland to Britain, despite the fact that just three weeks later he told businesses in the North there would be "no forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind…," according to a detailed new account of the protocol negotiations.
Spain and Britain are reportedly close to a deal on the status of Gibraltar, but those living there say the anxiety over their future is making it difficult to cope.
British citizens living in European nations believe they have had little or no representation since the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, according to a survey by University of Strathclyde researchers.
A SCOTTISH farmers union has criticised the UK Government for kicking “the can down the road” on implementing an improved system of border controls for meat and other products entering the country.
There's little talk of reversing the decision, but evidence of Brexit-induced harm is piling up.
DUP minister ordered a stop to checks between Britain and Northern Ireland which never came into force.
Loyalist paramilitaries cannot be allowed to gain "a momentum" from the Northern Ireland Protocol dispute, MPs have been told.
UK-based travel businesses are facing “significant” operational challenges organising trips to the EU following Brexit, according to the travel association ABTA.
Entry-Exit System that UK asked to be subject to could cause serious snarl-ups at ports and airports.
A Brexit border control post in Holyhead is set to shrink under plans for a lighter touch system using more data and technology. In May, the UK Government delayed introducing more checks on EU goods entering the UK for the fourth time over fears it will impact supply chains and add to rising inflation.
Border Communities Against Brexit have roundly condemned the planned move to introduce a new Electronic Authorisation Scheme for non Irish and UK cross border visitors in the new year.
Businesses had protested that the ‘UKCA’ quality mark represented pointless and costly red tape.
British retailer warns of ‘gathering storm’ of higher costs and pressure on budgets.
British firms are yet to see any upside from Brexit, according to one of the UK’s top executives, who urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to improve the trade agreement with the European Union to boost growth.
The migrant crisis has exposed a common fallacy about Brexit, that you can simply "pull up the drawbridge" and wish it away.
British Chambers of Commerce urges government to ‘cut red tape on UK-EU goods movements’.