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He also criticised the UK government and what he called “the disaster” of Brexit, which had stopped airlines easily recruiting European workers, and thus worsened staff shortages this summer. “This is without doubt one of the inevitable consequences of the disaster that has been Brexit,” he said.
The European Commission's vice president Maros Sefcovic echoed Boris Johnson's 2019 election slogan in a speech in which he accused the UK of a "my way or the highway" approach.
European Commission vice-president says Brussels wants to get ‘Brexit done’ – while London refuses to talk about Northern Ireland.
Ministers are portraying themselves as victims of a deal they created for Northern Ireland. A classic blame-shifting strategy.
If other countries don’t trust us to stick to what we agreed, it makes it harder to strike new deals in the future.
Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel scathingly criticised prime minister Boris Johnson for breaking his own Covid-19 laws in the partygate scandal and called Brexit a ‘mess’ in his surprise appearance on BBC1’s political debate programme Question Time.
Boris Johnson’s vow to ‘Get Brexit Done’ in 2019 has not been delivered, according to more than half of Britons.
Mired in politicking, the Brexit Freedoms Bill that will ‘move us away from outdated EU laws’ has still to be published. What lawyers are confronted with at present is an elaborate game of charades.
There is an air of desperation in attacks from those on the right and their supporters in the press. They fear if Johnson falls, the Brexit deception will crumble too.
Businesspeople, academics, journalists and a top trade unionist have formed a group with the purpose of repairing fractured UK-EU relations.
"Oxfordians want to build-back-better and level-up but we have one hand tied behind our backs labelled Brexit," the association behind the movement told TLE.
At the last general election, all of you stood on a platform of “getting Brexit done”. / Voters were told in your party’s manifesto that this would “unleash the potential of our whole country” and “transform the UK for the better”.
Ireland's deputy PM has warned governments doing trade deals with the UK that it is a nation that "doesn't necessarily keep its word".
Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin claimed the Brexit deal was signed with the government was in a “constitutional crisis” – even though Tories actually had an 80-seat majority at the time.
‘He’s a showman with nothing left to show ... once he had said the words ‘Get Brexit Done’ his plan ran out’.
Brexit is barely nine months old but is not ageing well. The ‘fabulous’ deal that Prime Minister Johnson and Brexit negotiator Lord Frost raved about last December, has lost all its shine – especially, it seems, to those who polished it. Having persuaded parliament to vote for it as the lesser of two evils, both Johnson and Frost have fallen out of love with their offspring.
The end of the holiday season heralds the return to centre stage of a number of burning Brexit-related issues this autumn.
We could have been forgiven for thinking Brexit was done when the UK left the EU at the very end of 2020. However, for retailers the real challenge of Brexit is likely to be felt in early 2022 when border controls are finally introduced for the UK.
Boris Johnson chronically confuses culture and economics of affair called Brexit.
So five years after the referendum, and six months from leaving the single market, what's the slogan from businesses most affected? Bureaucracy, delay, cost.
Brexit is a “living animal” that may never be entirely over, the first EU ambassador to London warns today.
It divided the country, dominated politics for years and delivered the premiership to Boris Johnson. It’s five years ago tomorrow since the Brexit referendum produced its shock 52-48 result in favour of the UK quitting the European Union, and even though it was last year that we actually left, the consequences of that decision still have a long way to run.