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The government spent £21 million buying farmland near Dover for a post-Brexit customs checkpoint which has now been axed.
KentLive conducted a straw poll in Dover of 50 people asking how they would vote if they could repeat 2016.
UK hauliers of perishable goods are wanting to be prioritised at the port crossing into Europe, complaining that long wait times are causing products to go bad.
Intense traffic congestion around Dover is partly down to “Brexit scenarios”, according to the head of the British Ports Association.
Food body warns of ‘post-Brexit perception problem’ over recurring traffic gridlock.
TRADERS hoping to pass goods through the UK’s busiest port have been hit by further trouble after the Government's post-Brexit IT system went down.
Traffic hell getting to the county's ports has been exacerbated after it emerged a major post-Brexit customs system crashed - adding extra time for lorries heading to the Continent.
In January, the port’s chief executive told me that, since leaving the EU, it now takes an extra 3 minutes for a vehicle to clear the border and check-in before boarding ship. / This makes Dover more susceptible to clogging-up when things get busy and queuing is more commonplace.
A 23-mile stretch of the M20 is closed amid HMRC technical problems and a ferry shortage.
The White Cliffs Hotel is 140 years old but the owner said it suffered a steep downturn after Brexit and the pandemic.
Companies avoiding United Kingdom landbridge, according to Chambers Ireland.
Ministers say port does not tell government how long hauliers are waiting for ‘security’ reasons.
Donations now exempt from new border bureaucracy.
Grassroots charities having trouble exporting aid due to new red tape.
Frustrated charity bosses say post-Brexit customs red tape at Dover has held up the transportation of aid shipments to Ukraine.
Natalie Elphicke has an interesting interpretation of the so-called "Brexit dividend". / The Tory MP for Dover has launched an innovative defence of Brexit, claiming that the mountains of new red tape is creating scores of new jobs.
Ministers urged to fulfil promise of new facilities, as desperate drivers forced to ‘s*** in bushes’.
“We drive 44-tonne killing machines. We are professionals, and in Europe we are treated like professionals, but in the UK we aren’t.”
The man who negotiated the UK's Brexit agreement has accepted there are "extra costs" for British firms now they're outside of the EU, after a Commons report criticised the added bureaucracy necessary to trade with the bloc.
It is increasingly clear that Brexit is doing enormous damage to Britain’s economy. And for what, exactly?
The A20 runs through Dover town directly to the docks and it is right next to the small community of Aycliffe
Eurostar and Dover are at risk of Brexit border delays this summer when passenger numbers return to pre-pandemic levels, says parliamentary watchdog.
A Tory MP has left people rolling their eyes after she blamed the EU, not Brexit, for traffic jams near the port of Dover.
Britain’s departure from the European Union has brought higher costs, more red tape and border delays for businesses, and not yet delivered promised benefits, a public spending watchdog said Wednesday.