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Vaughan Gething claims Wales will be £1bn worse over the next three years, after the UK Government announced a package to replace funding previously allocated by the European Union, before Brexit.
Cemaes Community Interest Company (CIC) secured permission in 2018 to convert Capel Bethlehem into a holiday let, cinema and restaurant. / But now the site has gone on the market with estate agent Dafydd Hardy for £400,000. The CIC said grant funding of the scale required has been very difficult to source post Brexit and the pandemic.
A number of local food businesses in the city have closed their doors at a time of spiralling costs and tightening budgets for households.
Got No Beef announced that they have closed their doors for the final time.
An ex-UK Government Tory minister has admitted the Welsh were deliberately misled about how replacement money for former EU funds would be spent in Wales. Wales used to receive a huge amount of money from the EU before Brexit.
The Catalan kitchen has been part of the Canton food scene for ten years but has struggled with importing ingredients and getting staff.
'We are not the envy of the world anymore, we are the crackpot aunty in the corner that everyone laughs at.'
Daniel Lambert, who supplies M&S, Waitrose and 300 independent retailers, to set up in France after £150,000 hole in revenue.
The EU’s share of Wales’ export market has risen from 58% to 60%, despite a reduced dependence on the EU and opening up export markets with the rest of the world being a stated objective of the Brexit project.
THE Welsh Government’s rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths has said Brexit is to blame for uncertainties on farming policy.
The approach by the UK Government to Brexit trade policy and negotiations protocol is causing “potentially irreparable damage” to Wales’ ports, researchers have said.
The UK Government’s approach to Brexit trade policy and negotiations protocol is causing “potentially irreparable damage” to Wales’ ports, researchers have said.
The leader of Plaid Cymru Adam Price calls on Labour to make the positive case for the single market and customs union.
Labour have reprimanded a frontbench MP after she told a private meeting she hoped the UK could return to the EU single market if the party formed a government.
UKHospitality estimates that shortages are suppressing economic activity in hospitality alone by £22bn - with the pandemic hangover and Brexit adding to an existing problem of finding skilled - and even unskilled - staff.
A new government scheme was meant to replace EU structural funds lost after Britain left. But critics say it delivers less money and will do little to bolster the Tories’ levelling up agenda.
A farmer says the lack of border checks on meat coming into the UK is deeply worrying, as it could be putting the country at risk of diseases like foot and mouth.
The Welsh Government says the Shared Prosperity Fund is a broken promise because it means Wales will get hundreds of millions of pounds less than it received from the EU.
A poll of 1,000 people carried out by Beaufort Research found that most wanted the Welsh Government to have full or shared responsibility for dispensing the replacement for EU funds.
The UK Government is set to break its promises to match the funding nations and regions of the UK received before Brexit, Whitehall sources have warned.
UK agriculture is highly exposed to serious diseases imported from Europe, including African swine fever (ASF), because of a failure to get new border control posts (BCPs) operational before July 2022, a senior vet has warned.
THE Farmers Union of Wales (FUW) has reacted angrily to the news that Downing Street is exploring yet another delay to post-Brexit checks on food entering Britain, claiming it leaves domestic producers at a disadvantage.
Extra import controls will be ‘impossible’ for small businesses, says food industry chief.
A Welsh Government minister who has family in Ukraine has slammed Boris Johnson as a “sick, pompous narcissist” after he compared the struggle of the people of Ukraine against invasion to the UK’s vote for Brexit.