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The Welsh Government says the Shared Prosperity Fund is a broken promise because it means Wales will get hundreds of millions of pounds less than it received from the EU.
A poll of 1,000 people carried out by Beaufort Research found that most wanted the Welsh Government to have full or shared responsibility for dispensing the replacement for EU funds.
The UK Government is set to break its promises to match the funding nations and regions of the UK received before Brexit, Whitehall sources have warned.
UK agriculture is highly exposed to serious diseases imported from Europe, including African swine fever (ASF), because of a failure to get new border control posts (BCPs) operational before July 2022, a senior vet has warned.
THE Farmers Union of Wales (FUW) has reacted angrily to the news that Downing Street is exploring yet another delay to post-Brexit checks on food entering Britain, claiming it leaves domestic producers at a disadvantage.
Extra import controls will be ‘impossible’ for small businesses, says food industry chief.
A Welsh Government minister who has family in Ukraine has slammed Boris Johnson as a “sick, pompous narcissist” after he compared the struggle of the people of Ukraine against invasion to the UK’s vote for Brexit.
The UK left the EU on January 31, 2020, but more than two years on, businesses in Wales are still trying to adjust to the challenges and issues it's brought.
The people of Wales feel more strongly Welsh than they did in 2016, and Brexit is likely to be the reason, a top academic professor has said.
NFU president tells conference ministers have no understanding of how food production works. / Food producers have said the challenges they face are “the toughest in a generation” as members of the National Farmers’ Union met for their annual conference after the first full year of Brexit.
Businesses in Wales have revealed the problems they say they are facing because of Brexit.
More than a year on from Brexit Welsh companies say they are feeling the pinch from making fewer sales to Europe.
A majority of people who voted to leave the European Union are also against reducing the powers of the Welsh Parliament, according to a survey by Cardiff University experts.
A majority of Leave voters in Wales believe that Brexit should not be used to remove powers from the Senedd, according to findings from researchers at Cardiff University’s Wales Governance Centre.
A MAJORITY of leave voters in Wales wouldn’t back removing powers from the Senedd in the name of making the most of Brexit.
As you may have noticed Jacob Rees Mogg Esquire – as no doubt he would style himself – has invited the public to submit suggestions on the theme of ‘Opportunities of Brexit’. I could not resist replying. Could I possibly suggest that you, after reading this, do the same?
Wales’ Education Minister has unveiled a new international exchange programme for Wales, to replace the Erasmus+ programme which the UK Government decided to leave after Brexit.
A senior Welsh politician has accused the UK government of rushing through its "Brexit Freedoms Bill".
A year on from leaving the EU, it’s time for an annual report on how Brexit has worked out for Wales.
“If these proposals involve changing the law in devolved policy areas, then pressing ahead without the consent of the Scottish parliament would demonstrate yet again the UK government’s intent to undermine devolution," a senior Scottish minister has said.
Levelling-up promise broken by government. / The UK government's replacement for the EU's regional development funding leaves regions billions of pounds worse off, devolved administrations have said.
BORIS Johnson’s “Brexit Freedoms” Bill poses a direct threat to the powers of the Scottish Parliament, the deputy first minister has warned.
The government has set out a plan to overhaul EU laws copied over after Brexit - a move it says will cut unnecessary "red tape" for businesses.
Rosslare port saw a 371 per cent yearly increase in European freight volumes since Brexit came into force.
TRADE has nosedived in Wales as a result of Brexit, a shipping operator has revealed.