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EU citizens in the UK are "expected to beg, bend their knee and show remorse for not knowing" about post-Brexit visa changes, Euronews was told.
The Home Office lost a case over the 'pre-settled-status' rule - which could see up to 2.6million EU citizens become 'illegal overstayers' overnight and 'liable to detention and removal'.
Activists from the 3 million organisation have said that it is "worrying" that people of retirement age represent only 2.6% of European citizens' applications for post-'Brexit' residence status in the UK.
“For many they may mean lost job opportunities, missing out on rental properties, being refused loans/or mortgages,” EU citizens campaign group In Limbo said.
Some European Union nationals who have failed to prove that they have applied for residence status in Britain even though they settled in the UK before the Brexit transition period risk losing their jobs, homes, and access to other public services.
A FAMILY with settled status in the UK has told how confusion over post-Brexit immigration rules left them struggling to return to their home in Scotland after a Christmas break.
Some people cannot prove they are in the country legally because of glitch in digital residency permits.
Home Office figures caused speculation that number of Europeans in UK had been underestimated.
Pressure grows for UK to extend Wednesday’s settlement-scheme cut-off date as backlog of applications grows and helplines crash.
Campaigners fear for victims of trafficking, modern slavery and the elderly as 30 June deadline looms.
Campaigners who represent EU citizens living in the UK say they are taking stock after losing a High Court fight over the 2019 European Parliament elections.
Visa and health fees likely to be levied on those who started UK courses overseas due to Covid.
Campaign launched for government to give EU citizens physical proof of right of residence.
Alarm that long-standing UK residents will be ‘separated from their children and families, returned to countries they barely know’.
Citizens' groups say no way of telling scheme is working until it is too late.
Further evidence will be demanded that EU nationals have been living in the UK legally – even after settled status awarded.
In May 2019, the UK Government denied over a million EU citizens living here their fundamental right to vote. It now denies it did anything wrong.
EU citizens rights campaigners The3Million have said that “numerous” EU nationals are being refused Universal Credit because of their settlement status.
Request caused by apparent tech glitch came when Italian Giovanni Palmiero applied to stay in UK post-Brexit.
EU/EEA & Swiss citizens help make our communities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Join us on a tour of our home.
Steve Barclay accused of "confusing" Europeans worried about their right to remain in the UK after Brexit.
Report finds EU citizens fear discrimination and loss of identity living in post-Brexit UK.
Poll finds 90% of EU citizens in UK fear discrimination without evidence of rights after Brexit.
One in 10 Europeans in Britain have been wrongly told to provide proof of settlement despite it not being requirement until after Brexit, research suggests.