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Some European Union nationals who have failed to prove that they have applied for residence status in Britain even though they settled in the UK before the Brexit transition period risk losing their jobs, homes, and access to other public services.
The Welsh Liberal Democrat have called on the the UK Government to “get a grip” and accused them of “failing to address the problems they have caused” with new post-Brexit customs regulations.
Figures reveal impact of Brexit and pandemic, with £2.7bn fall blamed largely on 24% drop in sales to bloc
DOUGLAS Chapman has called on the UK Government to address the fall-out from Brexit to UK pilots who are now prevented from securing work in the aviation sector.
More than 3500 UK Pilots have written to the Government to highlight the new and unfair system that means UK pilot licences have been ‘seriously degraded in value and utility’ following Brexit. The new state of play has actively prevented UK pilots, including those made redundant due to Covid-19, from securing UK jobs.
Citizens told to complain if rights have been breached, as number of applicants surges before deadline.
This note summarises the evidence so far of the impacts on Brexit on Scotland. It sets out early evidence related to areas such as trade, the workforce and EU programmes.
Many married women cannot prove settled status to employers and councils because of a mix-up.
This note summarises the evidence so far of the impacts on Brexit on Scotland. It sets out early evidence related to areas such as trade, the workforce and EU programmes.
Germany has extended the grace period by which British citizens were allowed to live and work in Germany after Brexit without any documentation.
Experts say recovery at risk amid sharp fall in EU workers and dwindling interest in UK jobs from abroad.
Indeed’s research suggests that EU jobseekers are showing more interest in Ireland-based roles after Brexit. It found that media, pharmacy and the social sciences are all sectors in high demand, potentially because EU citizens are finding it harder to obtain work visas under the UK’s new immigration policy.
The chancellor says freeports could help the economic recovery, but critics say they increase the risk of tax dodging and lower employment standards.
British seasonal workers jobs are at risk
One in three young people (16 to 35) are considering leaving the UK to work in another European country due to uncertainty around Brexit as well as the Covid-19 pandemic
The Home Office has insisted that EU nationals should not be asked for proof of their right to work in the UK, but a number of adverts published on the DWP job page ask for settled status evidence.
In what follows, a group of leading social scientists explore these themes, explaining what has happened in the past, the situation the UK finds itself in now, and the issues that might confront us going forward. The collection is intended as a guide to the big questions confronting the country in the years to come.
Downing Street insists "we will not be lowering workers' rights" but does not rule out changes to the EU working time directive.
Business secretary has denied claims EU-based employment laws such as 48-hour week will be axed.
Labour says leaked proposals a ‘disgrace’ but business secretary insists government will not water down standards.
Confidence is at rock-bottom in the UK's ability to attract and retain the best scientific and engineering talent from Europe.
Mayor makes ‘direct appeal to every European Londoner’ to register before Christmas.