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The number of pupils admitted to Oxford University from EU countries has halved in the past five years, according to the University’s annual admissions report, which also indicated that the decline was expected as a result of Brexit.
UK ministers have been accused of failing to support Scottish universities as they battle to maintain their competitive position in the post-Brexit era.
Dispute over Northern Ireland protocol puts associate membership of Horizon Europe scheme in doubt.
Analysis of data suggests that Brexit is responsible for the transatlantic shift.
UK nationals are struggling to adjust to new rules that follow Brexit – the act that marked the UK’s official exit from the European Union.
The number of European Union (EU) students signing up for Scottish higher education courses is continuing to fall following Brexit, it has been warned.
The Department of Health has said that it hopes to rectify the issue by the end of the year.
Up to 20% of Queens University's research funding is at risk due to a row between the EU and UK.
Increases in university fees of almost 60 per cent are be considered by the Department for the Economy.
Many in the arts will look at 2022 with trepidation. There are still many issues with the Brexit deal from 12 months ago.
We may never know exactly what Conservative MP Chris Heaton-Harris intended to do with the information he tried to obtain on academics who teach about Brexit. But it certainly shouldn’t be treated as “just a polite request for information” as if this were some routine event.
Brexit uncertainty adds another dimension of disruption to a health service already struggling with the unknown legacy of a global pandemic
Over the past year, Agnese Romiti from the Department of Economics at the University of Strathclyde and Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes from the University of California-Merced have been working on a project examining the effect of the Brexit referendum held in 2016 on university applications from EU students.
EU undergraduates are no longer eligible for home fee status, with most now paying the same rates as other international students.
It comes after Boris Johnson’s government decided to end UK participation in the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.
Scottish ministers are under fresh pressure to boost student exchange links with the EU as frustration grows over Britain’s post-Brexit Turing Scheme.
The post-Brexit collapse in EU student recruitment is threatening course sustainability at world-famous institutions such as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), according to higher education (HE) leaders.
Analysts in Europe say Britain committed “Anglo-Saxon suicide” when it voted for Brexit.
International students thought to be worth £25.9bn a year to UK economy.
As part of the government’s Brexit deal, the UK withdrew from the EU’s historic Erasmus programme, which enables students all around the EU to participate in university exchanges, offering young people the chance to broaden their horizons by exploring other European cultures, meeting new people, and learning languages.
The main reason for the drop is the knock-on effects of Brexit, which include significantly higher tuition fees and far more bureaucracy.
British students have been forced to consider abandoning their places at Spanish universities due to ongoing delays in securing visas, required as a result of Brexit.
THE number of EU students accepted on to a university course in Scotland has more than halved in a year, figures reveal.
The mother of a British teenager who has been forced to put her plans to study in the Netherlands on hold due to Brexit advises other families to plan ahead to avoid the same.
Attracting academics from the EU to the UK has become challenging because of #Brexit – and it’s vital we adapt to avoid getting left behind in science and technology.