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Incoming PM tells parliament he will ‘bring back billions of euros’ of EU funds, as MPs prepare to confirm his candidacy.
Brexit has led to stronger powers for Westminster, a diminished role for international courts and the revocation of key legislation for the protection of human rights. Anna Sanders explains why all these factors are likely to have a profound and detrimental impact on gender equality in the UK.
The European Union – African Union Summit, which is taking place today, is an important milestone. European and African leaders must underline that we depend on each other. A prosperous African future is a prosperous European future, writes a coalition of MEPs.
Research says that of the 8.6 million workers most affected by scrapping of EU protections, around six million will be women.
With Brexit, Britain returned from a codified and protected constitutional system, to an uncodified and unprotected one based on the sovereignty of Parliament.
THE SEISMIC CHANGES to the relationship with our nearest neighbours and the impact of Brexit have only added fuel to the fire of severe challenges facing health and social care in the UK today, making people less healthy and widening health inequalities.
Being treated the same as pet owners is discriminatory, says guide dog group. It claims the UK government is passing the buck.
Across the UK, the reality of Brexit is increasingly becoming a threat. Food and fuel shortages, and concerns about energy prices, are tangible worries. Here, we use a social identity approach to highlight this Brexit threat is amplified and takes on additional meaning in Northern Ireland because of the identities that are writ large – not least because of the country’s tumultuous past.
Citizens told to complain if rights have been breached, as number of applicants surges before deadline.
“Politicians obscure exclusionary ideologies and policies behind inclusionary rhetoric that highlights the ‘value’ of migrant ‘contributions’," a doctoral researcher said.
Campaigners who represent EU citizens living in the UK say they are taking stock after losing a High Court fight over the 2019 European Parliament elections.
DAN WHITE gives a personal account of how Brexit is already impacting the disabled.
In what follows, a group of leading social scientists explore these themes, explaining what has happened in the past, the situation the UK finds itself in now, and the issues that might confront us going forward. The collection is intended as a guide to the big questions confronting the country in the years to come.
Experts believe the Government should be better mediating supply and demand, and while focusing on being more self-sufficient, also ensuring the flow of goods continues.
Mayor makes ‘direct appeal to every European Londoner’ to register before Christmas.
Tony Abbott was given a top role as UK trade ambassador despite widespread disquiet about his controversial views.
The paper, commissioned by the Scottish Government, identified 137 potential impacts.
Report finds EU citizens fear discrimination and loss of identity living in post-Brexit UK.
Peers also voted to provide EU citizens with physical proof of their right to stay in UK.
Poll finds 90% of EU citizens in UK fear discrimination without evidence of rights after Brexit.
Around a third of EU nationals living in the UK have yet to secure settled status to remain in the country, creating a “ticking time bomb” for British businesses, a legal charity has warned.
European parliament says mixed messages have caused ‘unhelpful uncertainty’.
Research finds more insecurity for poorer Britons, women and those in poor health.