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End-of-life patients being cared for at home are having to wait for bedsore-relieving equipment, one family member has said.
Intellectual property rights holders in both jurisdictions now must navigate their way to protection in dual IP systems.
No 10 told failure to agree deal will push health service ‘over the edge’ in January.
Without free trade with the EU, British health services are set to face grave challenges throughout the second wave of coronavirus and beyond.
A leading trade economist has warned that NHS patient data may be exploited by US technology companies under a trade deal with America.
The [Yellowhammer] documents themselves outline that there are risks to the supply of medicines - but do not set out the detail of how those risks have been mitigated, and what doctors and patients should do to plan for the possibility.
Accusations come as PM is set to meet Irish taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Dublin.
People have put a black dot on their Twitter handle to highlight how they say the government is putting their lives ‘at risk’ with Brexit.
The BMA has published a series of briefings, which outline our policy positions on a range of key issues relating to the impact of Brexit on the UK healthcare system.