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The UK will be less safe if it fails to strike a post-Brexit security deal with the EU, Britain's top counter-terrorism officer has said.
Key information systems will be lost even if a security deal is struck before 31 December, National Crime Agency says.
‘Efficiency and effectiveness’ at risk as terror threat raised and crime becomes increasingly transnational.
Police in Northern Ireland are expecting Boris Johnson's Brexit agreement to trigger protests in Northern Ireland, MPs have been told.
Thousands of names ‘double keyed’ into Interpol system – in case screens ‘switched off’ in just eight weeks’ time.
“What?!” - former prime minister is dumbfounded as her old nemesis suggests Brexit will help “intensify” the UK’s security. / Theresa May has ridiculed Michael Gove’s claim that Brexit could give intelligence and law enforcement services the power to “intensify” the security they provide for the UK.
Former terror law reviewer David Anderson warns of serious impact on fight against cross-border crime.
Mr Johnson told his cabinet this week that leaving the EU without a deal should hold “no fear” for Britain, but was he right?
A chemical expert from one of the major manufacturers has said chemicals readily available in the UK will "disappear" after Brexit.
Inquiry hears of massive extra costs, a mountain of red tape, shrinking investment and chemicals ‘disappearing’ from UK market.
Former security commissioner warns of ‘immediate impact’ on tackling terrorism and crime.
This database contains information on European Union Treaties and Agreements.
The Database contains all the bilateral and multilateral international treaties or agreements concluded by the European Union (EU), the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC) and the former European Communities (EC, EEC, ECSC).
Police tell MPs they will lose 'at your fingertips' access to crucial EU databases.
Senior officer says powers less effective if UK forces are denied access to criminal databases.
Biometrics commissioner "deeply concerned" as Lib Dem Layla Moran tells HuffPost UK leaving pacts "will make Britain less safe".
Everyone is fishing in the same pond. Stocks built up in readiness for Brexit are having to be replenished. If another pandemic strikes, we’ll hardly be in the best position to get through it.
Real-time access to EU police databases has not yet been agreed in the negotiations
Alternatives 'might need to be pursued', James Brokenshire tells inquiry - prompting demands to reveal how UK will be 'protected'.
UK set to lose access to Schengen Information System that police across continent use to stop criminals.