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A former Downing Street chief of staff and architect of the Good Friday Agreement has accused the British government of destroying its trust with the Irish government over the Northern Ireland Protocol.
Former prime minister declares that trade deal is off the table until problems are solved.
Officials’ comments put paid to idea displeasure with UK is limited to Irish caucus on Capitol Hill.
Real pay set to be £470 lower per worker each year, say top economists. / “We can’t blame Brexit for all of the 5.2 per cent GDP shortfall … but it’s apparent that Brexit is largely to blame,” said John Springford, author of the CEF study.
Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland have come under fierce attack from Washington, with senior congressmen on both sides of the US political divide warning the “irresponsible” move is a threat to peace in the province.
Conservative MPs have urged the government to use its Brexit freedoms to ditch the EU’s cautious approach to making sure pesticides are safe for human consumption.
Andrew Marr grills Conor Burns MP as he struggles to name an American politician supportive of the government's plan to scrap parts of the NI Protocol without EU support.
While the picture’s hardly pretty and certainly not what advocates of Brexit envisioned, none of it surprises economists. As a former Bank of England official observed: “You run a trade war against yourself, bad things happen.”
Since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, Anglo-Irish relations had gone from strength to strength. But then came Brexit.
Northern Ireland's Assembly will meet on Monday after a successful petition to recall members back to Stormont.
UK overriding Brexit deal would be act of ‘bad faith’, says Democrat US congressman.
A bipartisan US congressional delegation is due to meet Irish premier Micheal Martin in Dublin.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi takes aim at UK over stance on Northern Ireland protocol.
The UK government would be acting in an “anti-democratic” way if it goes through with its threat to over-ride elements of the post-Brexit treaty, Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney has said.
Influential delegation likely to underline Biden’s commitment to defending Good Friday agreement and US role as a guarantor.
Tearing up Northern Ireland protocol ‘will spark trade war, drive up inflation and damage UK influence’, warns senior Tory MP.
Unions from both sides of the Atlantic accuse Boris Johnson’s government of failing to grasp importance of labour rights.
The Biden administration said the move is part of a push to 'rebuild our relationships with our allies and partners around the world' after Trump's exit.
The madness of bringing back measurements no-one understands and most of the world does not use.
The clip was filmed in 2018 as part of a three-part documentary on the US embassy called Inside the American Embassy.
Despite its claims of exceptionalism and the freedom to succeed outside of the European Union, in reality, the UK is no longer in the room where it happens, says former British diplomat Alexandra Hall Hall.
Unite's national officer for steel said the government needed to explain why the EU had a deal but the UK did not.
UK steel companies have been operating at a significant disadvantage compared to their European rivals since the beginning of 2022.
Labour's Nick Thomas-Symonds said the move was a “sorry indication of the lack of progress" the government has made on the US trade deal.