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The corruption of constitutional order can happen very quickly and reversing it can take a very long time and at huge cost.
'Trade campaigners have welcomed the release of leaked papers detailing trade talks between the Trump administration and British government officials, which show the US government pushing Britain into as hard a Brexit as possible because they see this as the best way of benefitting the US economy. This comes at the expense of standards, protections and livelihoods in Britain.'
'It is hard to predict how full Brexit would play out, because this scale of multiple simultaneous renegotiations of global trade agreements is unprecedented – and no country has ever left the EU. It certainly can’t be assumed that Britain is bound to get quick and good deals because it is a large economy.'
A UK-US trade deal is highly unlikely to be approved before the US election in November, according to Donald Trump’s chief trade representative.
The decisions made in these trade talks will define the health of the UK’s population as well as the country’s environment and economy for years to come.
Former senior officials also worry Britain may be sidelined if Joe Biden becomes president.
Government accused of not standing up to Donald Trump’s trade negotiators.
Former Sinn Féin president issues plea to backers to drum up support for poll in US.
A campaign to ban cheap, low-quality food imports from the US in a post-Brexit trade deal has amassed well over 350,000 signatures.
As the UK begins to negotiate trade deals with countries around the world, do you want the food you eat to continue to be produced to the world leading standards you’ve come to expect? Sign our food standards petition and ask the UK government to ensure all food imports are produced to the same high standards as British farmers.
A timeline of events shows how the UK easily folded to American pressure, Jon Stone reports.
If Britain wants a trade deal with the US, it must accept American food standards, including those allowing genetic modification and chicken to be washed in chlorine, the head of America’s farming lobby has said.
The world moved a step closer to a free-for-all in international trade as Robert Azevedo, World Trade Organisation (WTO) director general, announces he plans to quit with over a year to go on his four-year contract.
The United Kingdom is planning to cut tariffs on U.S. agricultural imports to advance progress on a free trade agreement, the Financial Times reported on Thursday.
International trade minister Liz Truss is reportedly preparing a “big concession package” to secure a trade deal with Donald Trump and the United States.
Confidential documents cannot be revealed until five years after a deal is in force.
The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham-EU) published a cross-sectoral position paper on Tuesday turning the screw on the UK Government’s hard-line negotiating stance. Although it urges both sides to “work to mitigate disruption as much as possible”, the paper deals a devastating blow to Britain’s present strategy.
'American companies in Europe support a deep and comprehensive economic partnership between the EU and the UK'
"While it is clear that ambitions have changed with respect to the past, AmCham EU calls on negotiators to seek an ambitious and comprehensive future partnership. We support a deal comprising zero tariffs, zero quotas, and zero barriers. Any deal should maintain regulatory alignment where possible ..."
Luxury carmaker Bentley (VOWG_p.DE) said free trade with Europe not the United States was its priority as Britain negotiates its new relationship with the European Union...
It may soon be open season on the NHS for private US healthcare companies, writes Professor Harry Burns.
Critics argue change will make it easier for users to be subject to surveillance.
Brexit prompts tech firm to move data and user accounts of British users from EU to US.