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Special trade arrangements will apply from 1 January whether Johnson strikes deal or not.
EU negotiator signals future relationship negotiations are on course for acrimonious start.
Concerns raised after reports negotiating team told to devise plans to ‘get around’ protocol in withdrawal agreement.
EU law expert, Professor Michael Dougan dissects Boris Johnson’s proposed deal to take the UK out of the EU if he is successful in the forthcoming General Election.
As the EU and UK continue to prepare for the trade negotiations, there are clear signs that all is not well when it comes to implementing the divorce part of Brexit, in particular the Irish Protocol.
Stormont committee also hears many small businesses unprepared for customs workload.
Martin Wolf: Britain’s demands for its negotiations with the EU are unrealistic.
North’s economy will be closer to Republic’s in terms of rules, regulations and practices.
'Get Brexit done is the biggest delusion of all' - Michael Heseltine launches scathing attack on Boris Johnson.
PM says checks will exist on goods travelling through Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the Republic.
PM repeats discredited claim "there will be no checks" between NI and GB.
Food industry is ‘completely integrated’ on island of Ireland, say farmers’ groups.
EU member states are consulting on proposals to scrap seasonal clock changes.
The backstop is dead, long live a new solution for the island of Ireland. Tony Connelly, Sean Whelan and Colm Ó Mongáin will bring you through how the deal was done, and depending on when you're listening to this, what are the chances of, to quote Boris Johnson, Getting Brexit Done and getting it through the House of Commons.
Customs expert warns that open border between tariff regimes was an invitation to smuggle.
EU and UK negotiators reach a new Brexit agreement that would avoid a hard border.
New IRA says border infrastructure would be ‘legitimate target for attack’. In an interview with Channel 4 News, the group said it was committed to ‘armed actions’ against border infrastructure – and ‘the people who are manning them’.
Richard Neal says US is a ‘guarantor’ of agreement and will not see it compromised.
The Chairman of the US House of Representatives' Ways and Means Committee has issued a fresh warning that there will be no trade deal between the US and the UK if Brexit leads to the return of a hard border.
Survey reveals devastating emotional impact as people in area fear return of hard border.
Michel Barnier tells EU ministers that British proposals so far aren't good enough.
EU gives go-ahead to weekend meetings after PM appears to backtrack on customs stance.
Michel Barnier says 'we're not really in a position where we're able to find an agreement'.