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The number of pupils admitted to Oxford University from EU countries has halved in the past five years, according to the University’s annual admissions report, which also indicated that the decline was expected as a result of Brexit.
Data on Canadian study permits suggests ‘spike’ in student numbers from some continental nations.
“Changing data protection law is very central to the government’s post-Brexit policy. We all remember the A-levels fiasco in 2020."
‘We all remember the A-levels fiasco, when an algorithm decided what results should be... the poorest students received worse marks’ / “Human review” of decisions made by computer algorithms will be quietly axed under a bonfire of EU laws, MPs have been warned – risking a repeat of the 2020 “A-levels fiasco”.
Wales’ Education Minister has unveiled a new international exchange programme for Wales, to replace the Erasmus+ programme which the UK Government decided to leave after Brexit.
SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Matthew O’Toole has said the DUP’s “foolhardy pursuit of a hard Brexit” is impacting young people’s futures.
Ireland is now more popular than Britain for school trips from the continent as a result of post-Brexit changes to group travel rules.
Groups from the continent are going elsewhere, tour operators say, deterred more by passport and visa rules than the pandemic.
European schoolchildren can no longer travel on group passports, resulting in trips to UK cultural heritage sites being struck from the list.
SCOTLAND has received around £14 million less under the UK Government’s post- Brexit student exchange programme compared to the EU’s Erasmus+ scheme.
“Locality is now becoming a huge factor for employers. It’s easier and cheaper for them to hire workers who are already EU residents; while UK citizens are now competing with a saturated market of teachers from the likes of Canada and Australia.”
Scottish ministers are under fresh pressure to boost student exchange links with the EU as frustration grows over Britain’s post-Brexit Turing Scheme.
Analysts in Europe say Britain committed “Anglo-Saxon suicide” when it voted for Brexit.
Brexit has doubled the cost of studying in the UK for Europeans, which means many more students are heading to Dutch universities, which offer multiple programs in English. That's caused hundreds to arrive at universities in the Netherlands this month without promised housing.
International students thought to be worth £25.9bn a year to UK economy.
As part of the government’s Brexit deal, the UK withdrew from the EU’s historic Erasmus programme, which enables students all around the EU to participate in university exchanges, offering young people the chance to broaden their horizons by exploring other European cultures, meeting new people, and learning languages.
The mother of a British teenager who has been forced to put her plans to study in the Netherlands on hold due to Brexit advises other families to plan ahead to avoid the same.
How has the recruitment of UK-based teachers by international schools in Europe been affected by Brexit?
This note summarises the evidence so far of the impacts on Brexit on Scotland. It sets out early evidence related to areas such as trade, the workforce and EU programmes.
Brexit has sparked major changes in migration decisions, equivalent to the impact of a serious economic or political crisis, according to a pioneering joint study between the Oxford-in-Berlin research partnership and the WZB Social Sciences Center Berlin.
The harm done to Scotland’s economy, trade, population, education and governance by Brexit is becoming increasingly clear, a new paper finds.
This note summarises the evidence so far of the impacts on Brexit on Scotland. It sets out early evidence related to areas such as trade, the workforce and EU programmes.
ORGANISERS of educational trips from European schools have warned that tough post-Brexit entry requirements will likely halve the number of pupils visiting Britain by half.
The shock announcement at the end of 2020 that the UK will be leaving the Erasmus+ Programme sparked disbelief and disappointment on both sides of the Channel.
UK universities could lose £62.5 million per year in tuition fees following the UK leaving the European Union (EU), the analysis “EU exit: estimating the impact on UK higher education” commissioned by the British government prepared for the UK Department of Education by London Economics, has pointed out.