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An increasingly competitive international market, Brexit and fewer research citations contributed to fall, says research.
Dominic Cummings’ 250-page paper attacks fear of elitism and waste of billions of pounds, and calls for slimmed-down ministry.
Education and business leaders point to lost income for country and opportunities for students
With no UK funding guarantees, English language learners are heading to Ireland – while their British counterparts are left in limbo.
As Layla Moran has said, ‘staying in Erasmus should be a no-brainer’ – but the people in charge of our country seem to have no brains
A review of evidence about opportunities, challenges and risks to the North East economy and its key sectors with recommendations for action.
Commons bid to force ministers to negotiate continued access for UK students is defeated by Tories.
EU teachers are likely to face fees of £4,345 to work in the UK for five years after Brexit in a move that will worsen an existing recruitment crisis, ministers have been warned.
Letter warns immigration rules may damage UK universities’ ability to attract global talent.
Accusations come as PM is set to meet Irish taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Dublin.
Scottish and Welsh governments seek answers about programme’s future from UK education secretary. / The Scottish and Welsh governments have written to the UK education secretary to raise concerns about the future of the European student exchange programme after Brexit.
The Russell Group calls on Boris Johnson to provide certainty to staff to prevent exodus. / Thousands of EU academics left their posts at Britain’s most prestigious universities in the year after the Brexit vote – an 11 per cent rise on the year before, analysis shows.
The aim behind this initiative is to bring together a new generation of creative Europeans, who are able to cooperate across languages, borders and disciplines to address the big societal challenges and skills shortages that Europe faces.
This initiative will enable a new generation of Europeans to cooperate across languages, borders and disciplines.
The European Commission has today announced the higher education institutions from all over Europe that will be part of the first “European Universities” alliances. They will enhance the quality and attractiveness of European higher education and boost cooperation between institutions, their students and staff.
It did not take much more than a basic level of scrutiny to expose his rhetoric for what it is - scaremongering.
Brexit Party candidate Mike Greene after a long pause: "I haven't gone into the detail of specific laws."
The country’s children will be forced to clear up the Brexit “chaos” left by politicians, a headteachers’ union leader has said.
Plans to raise fees for EU students, remove vital financial support and make it far harder for us to apply to study would shut off our world class education sector from the world.
More than 100 elected student union representatives from across the country have written to Damian Hinds demanding he abandon any plan to charge EU students more after Brexit.
Ofsted's head of research has complained on Twitter of being turned down in his application for "settled status" in the UK after Brexit.
The odds of crashing out of the EU with No-Deal are rising - and here's why that's a bit of a worry.
The loss of the scheme would be a devastating blow for the social mobility of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Glasgow University’s principal, Anton Muscatelli, says fears about the UK’s place in the research community post-Brexit are already affecting recruitment.