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Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and the Vote Leave campaign claimed fuel bills would be lower for everyone following Brexit. Instead, bills have risen exponentially.
A dozen Tory MPs voted against slashing VAT on energy bills, despite promising to do so if Brexit went ahead.
As Johnson and Gove back off their pledge to scrap VAT for fuel, EU structural funds are not being fully replaced.
"The first rule of Brexit Club is you don't talk about all those "benefits" you mentioned 5 years ago..."
France has threatened to impose increased customs checks on goods coming from the United Kingdom from November 2 over an ongoing fishing row.
A hard Brexit deal with the European Union could leave the UK vulnerable to a gas crisis, MPs have warned.
French minister raises electricity supply as point of leverage in dispute over access to UK waters.
The French government warned Tuesday that it was weighing reprisals after Britain set new rules governing access for French fishing boats near the Channel Islands, the latest skirmish in a deepening post-Brexit dispute.
Britain’s exit from the EU has resulted in reduced trading on the electricity interconnectors between Great Britain (GB) and Ireland and increased the frequency of extreme prices.
If the UK leaves the European Union single market without a suitable trade deal, then electricity trade with its European Union partners could be disrupted. New research estimates the 2030 cost of a hard electricity Brexit to Britain at €300 million per year.
'Yet a no deal outcome would still have profound implications for the uK. as we analyse in what follows, from trade to connectivity to foreign policy to cooperation in policing, a failure to strike an agreement with the eu will impact on us in numerous ways.'
A leaked Cabinet Office document describes a possible disaster in the coming months.
Downing Street has played down the prospect of food and water shortages this winter if a no-deal Brexit coincides with a second wave of coronavirus.
Staunch Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) has said he does not “see the point” in Brexit forecasts on the day a government report warned the UK faced food, fuel and power shortages if a no-deal Brexit and second coronavirus wave coincided.
This guidance informs people working in the UK electricity market and other stakeholders about changes to the cross-border trading and supply of electricity from 1 January 2021.
This technical note was transmitted to theEuropean Parliament and Council on 30 April 2020. Published on the UKTF website on Thursday 30 April 2020
Electricity price rises are predicted as well as major HGV hold-ups.
Accusations come as PM is set to meet Irish taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Dublin.
Impact of the EU withdrawal referendum on British energy prices. Here we provide the results of additional calculations to show the final impact of the June 2016 exchange rate depreciation on British energy consumers, in terms of higher annual bills for both electricity and gas.