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Supporters of the European Convention on Human Rights must seize the moment and confront right-wing propaganda demanding the UK leaves it now - or risk a Brexit-style disaster, argues Kevin Maguire.
The European Court of Human Rights is still relevant to the UK, despite the country leaving the EU. / Certain Conservative MPs ... have called for the UK to leave the human rights convention, which would make Britain one of the few European nations, alongside Russia and Belarus, outside of ECHR.
The reality of Brexit is starting to hit us all - and even those who voted to leave the EU are getting upset.
Iain Duncan Smith is accused of "repeating tired, old nonsense" following an attack on the Confederation of British Industry. / Theresa May has witnessed another attack by a Tory Brexiteer on business after former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith linked the UK's biggest business lobby group to Nazi appeasement.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent prorogation of parliament has led many to fear that parliamentary democracy in Britain is unravelling.
A plot to kill a Labour MP and a police officer was only disrupted after an informant within the neo-Nazi group National Action blew the whistle. Robbie Mullen passed the details on to Hope Not Hate’s Matthew Collins.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has condemned an apparent far-right surge ahead of next week’s European elections, likening it to Nazi Germany. / In a speech at a campaign event in Bootle on Saturday, Mr Corbyn drew a comparison to 1930s Germany as he attacked the far-right for “simplistic answers which can only breed hatred and division.”
Enter the disturbing special exhibition that has recently opened in Berlin’s German Historical Museum and you are immediately confronted with a series of bleak statements: “Liberal democracy cannot be taken for granted any longer … Authoritarian parties are even gaining strength in countries with a long democratic tradition ..."
A newspaper column which called the For Britain Movement “far right” was not inaccurate, the UK’s largest press regulator has ruled.
A UKIP MEP has been ejected from the European Parliament after directing a Nazi slogan at a German colleague. / Godfrey Bloom said "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer" - one people, one empire, one leader - as Martin Schulz was making a speech.
John Tennant also has history of using obscene language about women on social media. / A candidate to serve as an MEP for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party once praised a colleague for using a Nazi slogan in the European parliament and has a history of using vulgar and obscene language about women in social media posts.