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After holding off some formidable competition, Michelle Mone has claimed the coveted title of The New European’s Liar of the Year for 2023.
Brexit has not only failed to deliver on its promise of reducing immigration and controlling borders, but it has also made the immigration issue worse and more difficult to manage. The government’s chaotic and ineffective immigration policies, such as the Rwanda policy, have only added to the problem.
The immigration minister said Brexit has ‘led to more people coming into the country legally in very large numbers. And that’s why we have to do something about that’.
The European Court of Human Rights is still relevant to the UK, despite the country leaving the EU. / Certain Conservative MPs ... have called for the UK to leave the human rights convention, which would make Britain one of the few European nations, alongside Russia and Belarus, outside of ECHR.
Grant Shapps has stressed the importance of post-Brexit controls on work visas after government sources confirmed that ministers are braced for a record increase in immigration figures this month.
Brussels commissioner says bill breaches convention, as legal experts warn of risk to Brexit trade deal.
Robert Jenrick said he was disappointed with the decision, but Goodlife Foods said there was "no viable alternative".
The British government says the national flag should fly on all government buildings every day instead of only on special occasions like the opening of Parliament and Queen Elizabeth II's birthday
A Conservative MP has suggested people should leave the country if they do not feel pride in “our flag or Queen”.
Boris Johnson has come under fire for reportedly telling a virtual meeting of Conservative MPs that devolution had been a "disaster" in Scotland.
The legislation begins its passage through the House of Lords on Monday and is likely to be heavily amended.
Gerald Vernon-Jackson dismisses £9m pledge, saying his council alone has spent £4m preparing the port.