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Boris Johnson became prime minister having been sacked twice from other jobs for telling lies...
Every time Johnson Government waffles on about NI's integral place in UK Internal Market and guarantee of unfettered trade with Great Britain, this Commission summary of what businesses need to prepare for under Tories' "Great Brexit Deal" acts as a very effective lie detector.
This week, the practical realities of what Brexit is going to mean came into central focus for perhaps the first time, with a new government information campaign.
'As striking was his ridiculous vanity: Cummings cared so neurotically about his reputation as a prophet that he forged the record so it appeared that he was warning of the ‘‘urgent need’’ to plan for a coronavirus pandemic while the minds of lesser men and women were elsewhere.'
Government now rejecting EU oversight of implementing Northern Ireland agreement.
A UK diplomat in charge of Brexit at the British embassy in the US has quit.
His false claims about the withdrawal agreement reveal an utter lack of interest in Brexit’s consequences for Belfast and Dublin.
'Get Brexit done is the biggest delusion of all' - Michael Heseltine launches scathing attack on Boris Johnson.
Donald Tusk says it would still be better for both sides if UK stayed in EU
Powerful interview from Tony Blair. Should be watched by everyone. Whatever your views about Brexit, we’ve all got to be honest about what’s involved. Boris Johnson is trying to con the British people.
European commission chief says he regrets not getting involved in 2016 campaign.
European Commission president says ‘bulls***’ was responsible for Brexit.
Are political journalists being conned by Number 10 and spreading lies? / The veteran journalist Peter Oborne has accused some of the UK’s biggest news outlets of effectively becoming clients of Boris Johnson’s government and of spreading fake news.
Dominic Cummings described talks as a 'sham' leak claims.
Ireland‘s EU commissioner has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing the “unelected prime minister” of “gambling” with the Irish peace process.
A decision to summon the Tory leadership frontrunner to court over his £350m Brexit claims was quashed last month.
In August 2018, Spanish authorities uncovered a plot by anti-Brexit campaigners to assassinate leading Brexiteer and now favourite to be Britain’s next prime minister, Boris Johnson. Or did they?
A campaign of fake news about the EU has gone viral. We’re only vulnerable to this because of 40 years of weak leadership.
The U.K.’s former ambassador to the European Union blasted the “denial, delusion-mongering and deception” in British politics, which he predicts is leading the country to a damaging no-deal Brexit.
Britain is being led to a no-deal Brexit by a political elite “which has great difficulties discerning and telling the truth”, the UK’s former ambassador to the EU has said, in a withering assessment of the Conservative candidates vying to be prime minister.