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Ireland‘s EU commissioner has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing the “unelected prime minister” of “gambling” with the Irish peace process.
A decision to summon the Tory leadership frontrunner to court over his £350m Brexit claims was quashed last month.
In August 2018, Spanish authorities uncovered a plot by anti-Brexit campaigners to assassinate leading Brexiteer and now favourite to be Britain’s next prime minister, Boris Johnson. Or did they?
A campaign of fake news about the EU has gone viral. We’re only vulnerable to this because of 40 years of weak leadership.
The U.K.’s former ambassador to the European Union blasted the “denial, delusion-mongering and deception” in British politics, which he predicts is leading the country to a damaging no-deal Brexit.
Britain is being led to a no-deal Brexit by a political elite “which has great difficulties discerning and telling the truth”, the UK’s former ambassador to the EU has said, in a withering assessment of the Conservative candidates vying to be prime minister.
Have I Got News For You (HIGNFY) has tweeted out footage discussing the Boris Johnson private prosecution for misconduct - and Ian Hislop made his feelings very clear.
Prominent Tory's falsehoods range from incorrect 14th century history to the EU banana police. / Boris Johnson’s flirtation with dishonesty has cost him at least three jobs and damaged his standing with the people of Liverpool and London.
(NOTE: Each of the stories below is sourced from mainstream media, audio or video recordings. Please refer to the source listed for each quote or incident for full context.)
Senior UK MEP Claude Moraes has accused top British politicians of “lying” to the public about contingency plans for leaving the EU without a deal.
How did the UK get in this situation where those overseas see us with a mixture of incredulity and sadness? It’s a story of political deceit and disinformation
Lawyers trying to launch prosecution say MP falsely claimed UK sends EU £350m a week. / Boris Johnson lied and engaged in criminal conduct when he repeatedly claimed during the 2016 EU referendum that the UK sent £350m a week to Brussels, lawyers for a crowdfunded private prosecution of the MP have told a court.
Frontrunner to become PM could be hauled before judge over claims. / Boris Johnson could be summoned to court to face accusations ​of misconduct in public office over his infamous pledge to claw back £350m a week from Brussels for the NHS.
The Brexit Justice campaign alleges Mr Johnson abused public trust by “intentionally misleading” voters over his claim Britain pays £350m a week to the European Union.
The president of the EU commission has said he regrets not intervening in the UK’s Brexit referendum to correct “lies” about the bloc during the campaign.
Campaign group led by former Ukip donor Arron Banks accused of 'fake news' over viral video. / Pro-Brexit campaign group Leave.EU has been accused of faking a viral video of illegal "migrants" and forging images purporting to show immigrants committing violent crimes.
An investigation by Channel 4 News also reveals how Arron Banks’ pro-Brexit group appears to have staged photos of migrants attacking women in London.
The foreign secretary flew at our expense to lie to young students in Japan, in order to appeal to old Tories at home.
IPSO ruled that the ex-foreign secretary had breached accuracy rules in his Telegraph column. / Boris Johnson has come under fire from the press regulator after he inaccurately claimed that a no-deal Brexit was the most popular scenario among voters.
They blame everyone but themselves: the very people who cooked up Brexit, sold it as all things to all people, and now cry betrayal when reality intervenes.