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Ellie Newis reviews two of the flagship free trade agreements that were supposed to reignite the UK economy.
Try and find an instance of the market reacting to tax cuts anywhere else on Earth the way it reacted to the UK’s mere mention of such a simple policy. The market usually loves tax cuts. Not this time. Why?
Even voices on the Right acknowledge this fact, says Paul Vallely. / THERE have been so many U-turns recently that you might be forgiven for having missed this one. The Daily Telegraph ran a piece at the weekend headlined: “Project Fear was right all along.”
A future leader will need to confront Brexiters in the same way Blair faced down the hard left over clause 4.
If any further proof was needed that Brexit has been a catastrophe for all sections of our divided society, it was supplied by the axing of the key Aer Lingus route between Belfast City Airport and Heathrow in London.
After years of denying the downsides of Britain’s split from the European Union, the Brexit taboo is starting to lift in the governing Conservative Party and the country’s right-wing press.
Six years of policy confusion and ineptitude has brought a calamitous loss of standing.
"Project Fear is Project Fact". How do Brexit and Truss's economics affect the North East?
Lord Frost and others are reinventing a tactic used by the beaten German generals in 1918.
The cabinet minister also launched an outspoken attack on a report which said leaving the European Union had damaged the UK economy.
'I keep hearing my fellow unionists complaining that their anger over the existence of the Northern Ireland Protocol is not being recognised or taken seriously.'
Perceptions about post-Brexit Britain, new visa rules and the pandemic have combined to make it more difficult to recruit EU nationals to some construction roles. What is the industry doing about this?
"As far as trade is concerned, things are panning out in the manner once stupidly dismissed as “Project Fear”. And we will be poorer as a result."
While the UK has now left the EU, Cronofy is about to re-join. The UK government's plans to weaken data privacy laws is the final straw.
Across the world, there is incomprehension at what we have done to ourselves.
Brexit and the pandemic have been blamed and some businesses have had to change their opening hours, while others have thrown in the towel.
"They're going from claiming it was all a load of scaremongering, Remoaner, Project Fear nonsense to claiming that everybody knew that this was going to happen."
In a video from 2019, Farage says passionately that the food shortages threat is "Project Fear" and "should be utterly, completely, totally, disregarded.”
It is increasingly clear that Brexit has cost not saved money, encumbered not liberated trade, inhibited not enhanced our sovereignty, and threatens to break up the UK. In fact, argues Nick Westcott, it is nothing more than a political Ponzi scheme – and it is still going on.
France's former ambassador to the UK Sylvie Bermann tells LBC that Brexit had "no advantages" and that facts were presented as "scaremongering".
A 27-acre site is being built to handle trucks amid fears that new trade rules will slow freight movement. It has been nicknamed the “Farage Garage” after the pro-Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage.
Old "Project Fear" scare stories from the 2016 Remain campaign about masses of customs paperwork and increased costs for traders, as well as restrictions on immigration for vital sectors, are becoming reality.
The most important Brexit event of the week came and went with relatively little fanfare, yet it marks a significant moment.