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It is six years since Brexit and Europe is beset by war but the United Kingdom’s Europhiles will this week be offered a novel chance to reconnect with the Continent.
When the most anti-EU newspapers are pointing to the policy’s inevitable failures, it’s time our government admitted the truth.
A local newspaper has blamed a combination of Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic for its decision to cease print publication.
BBC Scotland has broken its silence as the questions around its policy of reporting on Brexit mount. / The broadcaster has come under fire in recent days after it aired an interview with the president of the National Farmers Union (NFU) Scotland, Martin Kennedy.
PRESSURE is mounting on the BBC after the broadcaster was accused of editing out a reference to Brexit in a clip about food shortages.
THE government’s sale of Channel 4 could be “revenge” for the station’s “biased coverage of Brexit” and “personal attacks on the PM,” a senior Conservative MP has claimed.
A senior Conservative MP has suggested the government is privatising Channel 4 as “revenge” for its coverage of Brexit.
Another day, and night, another news cycle saturated by Partygate coverage. Meanwhile, at Dover British exporters are facing unprecedented border queues that are being largely ignored.
Why is the BBC giving so much time to hardline Brexiteers, asks journalist Raymond Snoddy.
As crises mount, the polls show voters turning at last. But the national newspapers that backed Leave – even the two now edited by Remainers – continue to pretend there is nothing wrong.
It was overshadowed by the immediate challenges of the pandemic but the fallout from Brexit for the UK’s sales companies and distributors is now pulling into sharp focus. Put simply, it is much harder for UK sales companies to represent European films...
Britain’s fuel crisis is more likely to be the result of the “shoddy post-Brexit transition” than the aftereffects of the coronavirus pandemic, France’s state broadcaster has said.
Is Brexit going well? The same media outlets that blurted deafening pro-Leave messages have become eerily quiet of late.
Channel appears to be moving further right with liberal voices squeezed out and Brexiters reported to be set to join.
'How much would it cost to run a full page advert in The Express that just has a montage of all their old inaccurate stories?', wrote one Twitter user.
The London bureau chief for Germany’s public broadcaster reflects on Britain’s government.
The European Union has plans to reduce the number of British TV shows and film broadcast by TV stations in Europe as an after-effect of Brexit, the Guardian has revealed.
Brexit minister says EU move would be to the detriment of viewers but admits UK is powerless to prevent it.
Some European Union diplomats have decided there are too many British films and TV shows on the continent’s streaming platforms, threatening another valuable U.K. export in the wake of Brexit.
The EU is considering proposals to exclude British programs from European quotas, a move that could severely hit international sales of U.K. films and TV series to the EU.
Number of UK productions seen as ‘disproportionate’ and threat to Europe’s cultural diversity.
The UK’s decision to leave the European Union will have a majorly negative effect on British film and TV, an industry expert has claimed.
Half of the channels available in Europe outside their country of origin (as defined by the European regulations) fell under UK jurisdiction in 2018, as opposed to only 10 per cent at the end of 2020.
MAVISE notes that between Brexit and the transposition of the revised AVMSD, the supply of audiovisual services has been experiencing a lot of commotion. In a quest to secure continuity in their distribution outside the UK traditionally UK-originating channels have been relocating over the past two years.
“Politicians obscure exclusionary ideologies and policies behind inclusionary rhetoric that highlights the ‘value’ of migrant ‘contributions’," a doctoral researcher said.