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'As striking was his ridiculous vanity: Cummings cared so neurotically about his reputation as a prophet that he forged the record so it appeared that he was warning of the ‘‘urgent need’’ to plan for a coronavirus pandemic while the minds of lesser men and women were elsewhere.'
The Netherlands has lured 140 Brexit-wary companies since the 2016 referendum to quit the EU, it was claimed on Wednesday.
From flag-waving enthusiasm to anger in Scotland, newspapers tell a wide-ranging story about a historic moment for Britain.
The media reaction to the Tusk-Cameron document is lazy – mendacious even. The prime minister has wrung real concessions from Brussels.
Former Newsnight journalist John Sweeney has called for Ofcom to carry out an investigation into BBC News over its failure to broadcast reports on the “far-right, Russia and Brexit”.
John Sweeney, a BBC investigative reporter, has turned whistleblower and filed a complaint against the corporation with Ofcom, the broadcasting watchdog.
Are political journalists being conned by Number 10 and spreading lies? / The veteran journalist Peter Oborne has accused some of the UK’s biggest news outlets of effectively becoming clients of Boris Johnson’s government and of spreading fake news.
It’s chilling. From the Mail, The Times to the BBC and ITN, everyone is peddling Downing Street’s lies and smears. They’re turning their readers into dupes.
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Irish newspapers are resoundingly unimpressed with Boris Johnson's proposed Brexit deal and many commentators in Europe are similarly dismissive of it.
Turmoil at home raises trepidation abroad - with European observers increasingly of view that British democracy is dying.
The latest twists in the Westminster Brexit drama are gripping Europe's newspapers.
‘In defeat, some people become quiet and humble, but Boris Johnson is not known to be such a person’
The Brexit vote was driven by false propaganda. Indian media is just as tendentious, with a rabble rousing social media to boot.
Rapt observers around the globe are confused, amused and saddened by a crisis that has torn Britain’s reputation for stability to shreds.
Union says police need to do more to counter ‘surge in violent extremism against journalists and media workers’.
Boris Johnson’s government has been accused of launching a “shameful spin machine” as it emerged the Cabinet Office will establish a team to monitor reports regarding Britain’s departure from the EU.
A leading US television news host has delivered a brutal assessment of the new prime minister Boris Johnson, saying Britain now faces a “level of chaos … not seen since World War II.”
Comments made by the Sir Kim Darroch, the British Ambassador to the US, on the Trump administration have been leaked to pro-Brexit journalist Isabel Oakshott, with key Brexiteers exploiting them to attack the civil service and diplomatic corps and call for the removal of non-Brexit-supporting civil servants.
The MEP founded his media company in 2011 in order to manage payments made to him for media appearances - he remains the sole director.
A newspaper column which called the For Britain Movement “far right” was not inaccurate, the UK’s largest press regulator has ruled.
Strategy report setting out the big future challenges for the EU – and Scotland’s contribution to that European future
The latest twist was likened to a TV saga, and no one knows what the ending will be.
#Brexit stands as a cautionary tale to the people of Europe. We must never take peace and prosperity for granted. Value it, fight for it and defend it every day.
The divorce from the EU looks set to be delayed and could be softened or even abandoned, but the cost of separation is already apparent.