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Brexiters are often accused of living in the past. That is manifest in the now recurring Brexiter response to concerns about Brexit: ‘but we did perfectly well before’.
Intelligence will always be exchanged informally. The problem is turning such exchanges into evidence that can be used in court – especially when we’re shut out of European information networks.
The UK government’s plan to invest hundreds of millions of pounds in a satellite broadband company has been described as “nonsensical” by experts, who say the company doesn’t even make the right type of satellite the country needs after Brexit.
PM and chancellor back purchase of 20% stake in troubled US operator OneWeb.
How much longer can the United Kingdom and the United States continue to be part of the Five Eyes alliance under their current governments?
The refusal of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to publish a bipartisan Parliamentary report on Russian involvement in the 2016 EU referendum is the latest development in a prolonged Brexit crisis that is eroding the UK's strategic credibility in the world.
Analysis of the political and strategic implications of Brexit crisis in UK for its standing amongst its traditional allies. Interview, Bruce Munro, Global Insight, ODT, 21 Nov. 2019.
London (CNN)Three turbulent years after 17 million British people voted to leave the European Union, Brexit has grown from a quaint word to an ugly cloud hanging over the nation.