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Richard Corbett, former Labour MEP, linguist, author and fluent and well-informed speaker will explain the background to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and discuss the fallout. There are numerous consequences of Brexit which are not receiving sufficient publicity. Leaving the EU came at a huge cost to the UK economically, culturally and in terms of our standing in the world.
Since the transition period ended, shops supplying British groceries say they have struggled with extra paperwork and import difficulties.
The Centre for European Reform (CER) estimates that leaving the single market and customs union at the end of 2020 has reduced UK trade by £7.7billion, or 11%, since March.
We estimate that leaving the single market and customs union had reduced UK trade by 11 per cent in March 2021. That is on top of a 10 per cent hit to trade between the referendum and leaving the single market.
So far, in the first two months of Brexit, the following industries have indicated that they have been harmed: Aerospace; Airlines; Architecture; Art and Antiques; Beer; Bees; Cattle and horse breeding; Charities; Cheese; Chemicals; Cars; Classic Cars; Construction; Cosmetics and Perfume; e-Commerce; Fabrics; Fashion; Ferry services; Film and TV production; Financial Services; ...
Freedom of movement between the EU and the UK is now a thing of the past. New border barriers are in place, or soon will be. People, goods, service, and data now need permissions to cross this new border.
Now that it’s a reality, can an esteemed historian produce convincing arguments for the UK’s departure from the EU?
Income per-head forecast to fall by 6 per cent – just 2 per cent less than under a no-deal departure.
There's been a lot of talk about free trade in the Brexit debate, but what exactly is a free trade agreement and how does it differ from what the UK has had with the EU?
One term that keeps cropping up in discussions around Brexit is the customs union. What is it and how does it work?
What is the single market and why does it matter in talks about Brexit?
With negotiations between the UK and the European Union (EU) - over a trade agreement - going down to the wire, the possibility of there being no deal is being talked about.
Why do so many people talk about a 'hard Brexit' and a 'soft Brexit'? And what do they mean?
‘People in Ghana are very angry. They do not understand why Britain is acting like a bully’
Cabinet Office minister attacks refusal to adopt a ‘laissez-faire approach’ to border controls.
Infrastructure work has taken nearly a year in the past, but just six months will be available - even if the cash is there
EU thought to be preparing a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ offer for Boris Johnson within days.
Businesses will have to adjust to new trading conditions in the middle of a pandemic.
Watchdog says government has started its preparations too late.
British overseas territory set to face disruption despite voting 95 per cent for Remain.
Lots of requests for a step-by-step explanation of Johnson's plans to breach Protocol on Irish border. / No problem. And by the end, you'll understand why this man is totally unfit to hold public office.
HONDA bosses are warning of ‘unprecedented’ disruption to its supply chain if Britain leaves the customs union after Brexit.
The Customs Union is the first Regional Integration milestone and critical foundation of the East African Community (EAC), which has been in force since 2005, as defined in Article 75 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community.
In September 2018, the East African Community appointed a twelve member Committee of Experts to begin drafting a new constitution for an East African Confederation as a step towards full federation.
This guerilla email campaign is about sending out brief, succinct and hard-hitting messages at frequent intervals - every day, every week or whenever you choose - to different - but specifically targeted - individuals to convince them that the deal reached by 31st December with the EU MUST include membership of the single market and the customs union.