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British consumers face higher prices and reduced availability of goods if the government fails to agree pragmatic solutions with the European Union on regulatory checks at ports in any post-Brexit deal, the retail industry’s lobby group warned on Monday.
Post-Brexit transition border checks could cause fresh food supply problems, an industry body has warned.
'This is going to hit us in January....customers are really going to see the problems on supermarket shelves'
Realities of leaving single market and customs union revealed to businesses - after controversy ducked during election campaign.
Michel Barnier adviser Stefaan De Rynck warns that EU "will not tolerate any backsliding or half measures" on PM's Brexit deal.
UK could be fined by the European Court of Justice which - to the likely fury of Tory MPs – will retain the power if there is 'any backsliding'.
The Chancellor has warned there will be no alignment with EU regulations after Brexit - despite a pledge being made in the North East by Boris Johnson that standards would be protected.
‘Prepare for the worst’ EU officials tell business after Sajid Javid’s FT interview.
The UK Chancellor said the Treasury would not lend support to manufacturers that favour EU rules.
“This represents the death knell for frictionless trade," said one business leader.
Mark Carney and other financiers seem to think London can do business as usual without playing by the EU's rules. This is confidence bordering on complacency.
The biggest crisis of Brexit to date actually still lies ahead of us in late 2020.
Taoiseach says Corbyn’s renegotiation plan would not be a problem.
'We can’t make a trade deal with the UK,' says US president.
'If the whole of the UK is in a customs union, then... the threat to the union in Northern Ireland would be gone'
MPs will soon table amendments to the Brexit legislation and Labour said it wants to include plans for a customs union arrangement.
Prime minister under pressure as Commons coalition attempts to force closer relationship with EU after Brexit.
LOYALIST paramilitaries predict protests and civil disobedience campaigns if the British government seeks to align Northern Ireland customs arrangements with the Republic in any Brexit compromise.
Glimmers of a potential Brexit deal have sparked dissent among Boris Johnson's allies, as the EU signals it may be open to another extension.
Prime minister's proposal worse for economy than Theresa May's deal, analysis says.
Donald Tusk responds to claims by No 10 source that EU is willing to ‘torpedo the Good Friday agreement’.
The SNP leader in the House of Commons tells Boris Johnson his plans are unworkable, unacceptable and undeliverable. He says that if the Northern Ireland assembly can have a veto on the Brexit plans, Scotland should get one too.
Krugman rejects the assertions of Brexiteers that leaving the single market and customs union will ultimately help the UK export more to the rest of the world.
Our Future Our Choice co-founder Femi Oluwole clashed with Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley after the journalist continually challenged the fact that membership to the Customs Union is not the same as membership to the European Union.
Following the unveiling of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement in Kigali, Rwanda, in March 2018, Africa is about to become the world’s largest free trade area: 55 countries merging into a single market of 1.2 billion people with a combined GDP of $2.5 trillion. In this edition, we examine the benefits and challenges of a free trade area for countries and individual traders.