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An honest assessment of Brexit from Fareed Zakaria of CNN... "On virtually every measure, from business investment to exports to employment Britain is falling behind its peers."
Between 2001 and 2019, the Conservative share of ‘more English than British’ voters rose from 40% to 68% while ‘more British’ voters still preferred to vote Labour. ‘Political Englishness’ was also evident in support for UKIP and the Brexit party in the 2014 and 2019 EU elections and in support for Leave in the EU referendum.
The Tory Party has been taken over by cynics and fantasists, says former Telegraph editor Max Hastings – which is why he has decided to vote Labour.
Little could be meaner than sacrificing our young people to promote a malicious form of British nationalism. But is that what’s happened?
The ‘remoaner elite’, the civil service, the BBC, universities, unions, refugees: anything is blamed but Brexit itself.
‘A storm is brewing,’ warn Conservative MPs who say their party is ‘giving up on Rishi’, who is seen as a manager rather than a leader.
The UK’s vote to leave the EU in 2016 raised concerns in Brussels about other states following Britain through the exit door. But has Brexit helped or hindered Eurosceptic and nationalist movements elsewhere in the EU?
Prof Harold Varmus, the Nobel Laureate in physiology or medicine (1989), was in Pune for two days and interacted with scientists and students at National Centre for Cell Science.
More than six years later, Trump’s rhetoric seems prescient for reasons he may not have intended. The right-wing populist shocks that hit both Britain and the United States in 2016 have exacerbated the internal dysfunctions within both countries’ right-wing parties.
There's little talk of reversing the decision, but evidence of Brexit-induced harm is piling up.
We are stuck in the Tory game of make-believe that everything is coming up roses in an English country garden. The reality is that following Brexit the rest of the world looks at England with a mixture of perplexity, pity, and amused contempt.
Populism over sense 23/08/2022
Britain first backed Brexit in a populist vote — albeit narrowly — a foolish move taking a slice of Britain’s economic strength. / Empty words and false and exaggerated claims combined with a dose of nationalism to tip the balance.
As it has already been well documented that Brexit proved to be a political and economic disaster for all sections of our divided society, it should not come as a surprise to learn that it has also had a hugely negative impact on community relations.
No Conservative will dare admit the searingly obvious: Brexit is proving a catastrophe for Britain.
A new UK premier must start forming partnerships within Europe and ditch the destructive populism that led to Brexit.
Lord Frost and others are reinventing a tactic used by the beaten German generals in 1918.
Proposal to replace Human Rights Act with bill of rights is effort to make government ‘untouchable’, say critics.
Under current PM, government is not Conservative but English Nationalist, says Chris Patten.
Six years on, it seems Europe still hasn’t got the memo. For that matter, neither has Britain. The United Kingdom, rather than leaping boldly into a brave new future, is imploding. Europe, meanwhile, seems to have found a new sense of purpose.
Shortages in the labour market, along with the vacancies in the health service, hospitality industry and agriculture, are the living evidence of this self-inflicted act
A road trip through the ancient past and shaky future of the (dis)United Kingdom. / The grim reality for Britain as it faces up to 2022 is that no other major power on Earth stands quite as close to its own dissolution.
The government’s attack on the Human Rights Act is a betrayal of those Conservatives who helped create it.
In a revealing interview, former Conservative chancellor Ken Clarke tells TIM WALKER his fears – and hopes – for the country, and of his sadness at what the Tory Party has become.
How has the recruitment of UK-based teachers by international schools in Europe been affected by Brexit?