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The Cabinet Minister for the Northern Powerhouse yelled "Britain first! Britain first" in parliament - the same words used by Jo Cox's killer as he shot and stabbed the Labour MP.
A LEADING German newspaper is the latest international media outlet to shine a spotlight on the growing support for Scottish independence.
‘There are lessons that we can learn from Trump….a lie can go round the world before the truth can get its boots on’.
The government is accused of using a “revolting” reference to the Nazi Kristallnacht in a briefing blaming Germany for the Brexit deadlock.
Lord Patten said while he hoped for the best for the UK’s future, “I do fear for the worst”
Former Siemens chief Juergen Maier says disruption will last at least six months even if trade deal is reached
Boris Johnson to reveal whether negotiations are over – plunging trade with EU into turmoil in 19 days’ time
A TORY peer has said that Scotland will “almost certainly” become independent in the next decade, which he claimed would be a “constitutional and political tragedy”.
Deal not a high priority for EU anymore, Simon Coveney says.
The sorry tale of Britain’s as-yet-unnamed rival to the EU’s Galileo programme took another unexpected, miserable and hugely expensive turn in the past few days.
When great powers fail, New Zealand and other small states must organise to protect their interests, Robert G. Patman writes.
The UK government’s plan to invest hundreds of millions of pounds in a satellite broadband company has been described as “nonsensical” by experts, who say the company doesn’t even make the right type of satellite the country needs after Brexit.
'The Brexiters have no more idea in private than they do in public about what they are doing. Predictions based upon their concealed intent project on to them a competence they simply don’t possess.'
Almost every nation at some point believes it’s special and on a mission. They’re all wrong, and the sooner we get over this nonsense, the better.
The 2016 Brexit referendum unleashed a rise in nationalist sentiment in the United Kingdom that threatens to fracture its union. Irish Times columnist Fintan O’Toole tells Lawrence O’Donnell that the real problem is that the United Kingdom “doesn’t really know where they want to go.”
Leo Varadkar has urged the British government to tone down “nationalist rhetoric” over Brexit, and branded Dominic Raab’s memo to UK diplomats to sit separately from their EU counterparts as “petty”.
This has a strong whiff of the 1930s about it – it is a right wing, nationalist government’s attempt to suppress dissent.
The MP says he has joined Jo Swinson’s party to fight No 10’s ‘scorched earth approach’ to leaving the EU.
If a united Ireland is on the horizon a decent departure from the UK must be planned.
Trump’s national security adviser wants the UK to be beholden to the US for its daily bread, making the country a timid American outpost.
New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s big tour of the U.K. saw him booed by EU supporters in Wales and heckled by nationalists in Scotland. Northern Ireland’s fractious parties then told him that his Brexit plans were reopening old wounds.
Ex-prime minister warns of “an unprecedented economic calamity precipitated by a no-deal exit from the EU”.
Politicians from mainstream parties across Europe have called on voters to shun the far right in this week’s European elections after Austria’s vice-chancellor resigned over a video sting that showed him offering public contracts in exchange for financial and campaign backing.