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Intelligence will always be exchanged informally. The problem is turning such exchanges into evidence that can be used in court – especially when we’re shut out of European information networks.
Gavin Williamson accepts the appointment of David Frost as national security adviser was a political move.
Real-time access to EU police databases has not yet been agreed in the negotiations
Alternatives 'might need to be pursued', James Brokenshire tells inquiry - prompting demands to reveal how UK will be 'protected'.
Leaked German government report shows Britain has been requesting special access. / Britain wants to ‘approximate the position of a member state as closely as possible’ when it comes to working with Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency, the leaked report states.
EU negotiator expresses frustrations at UK refusal to discuss key issues of transition. / Michel Barnier has suggested the UK is running down the clock in talks over the future trade and security relationship with the EU.
UK government rejects ‘clunky institutional framework’ for foreign policy cooperation.
The prime minister is considering tearing up the Human Rights Act and suspending the European Convention on Human Rights.
Prime minister on course to strike only 'barest of bare bone deals' by end of 2020, think tank concludes - and failing to be upfront about 'trade-offs'.
Access to vital EU crime-fighting databases could be lost, MPs told – after Theresa May warns they ‘keep us safe’.
Exchange of key security information at risk after Dutch concerns over data protection.
Dire warnings from British industries after Chancellor Sajid Javid admitted businesses will be hit, exposes why the Prime Minister focuses on the trivial.
Brexit is a Tory invention and pro-Europeans must still fight the prospect of EU exile, writes Will Hutton.
The EU will look to gain the upper hand in the sequencing of the trade talks.
How much longer can the United Kingdom and the United States continue to be part of the Five Eyes alliance under their current governments?
Cooperation vital in the face of twin threats posed by Isis and Russia, warns Andrew Parker
Experts quick to point out similar system will exist for Britons visiting Europe after Brexit.
The refusal of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to publish a bipartisan Parliamentary report on Russian involvement in the 2016 EU referendum is the latest development in a prolonged Brexit crisis that is eroding the UK's strategic credibility in the world.
Analysis of the political and strategic implications of Brexit crisis in UK for its standing amongst its traditional allies. Interview, Bruce Munro, Global Insight, ODT, 21 Nov. 2019.
PM is delaying publication of report assessing threat posed to UK, says Dominic Grieve.
Lord Evans says it is 'absolutely vital' for Britain's security to maintain ties to Europol and EU nations.
'We would have to start again with a blank sheet of paper as to how we build up that cooperation with our European partners'
Sir John Sawers says it would be hugely damaging if UK-EU relations collapsed to such an extent.
As tensions escalate with Brussels, Julian Smith expresses alarm at anonymous Downing Street memo.