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Party hopes to attend meetings of EU foreign affairs council should it win UK election.
The European Union (EU) is a unique and essential partner for NATO. Sharing strategic interests and facing similar threats and challenges, NATO and the EU work side by side in crisis management, on capability development, in providing support to their common partners in the east and south, as well as to address the challenges posed by growing strategic competition.
In this Federal Trust video, Liz Webster of Save British Farming, describes the illusions that led some farmers to vote for Brexit. These illusions are now being contradicted by reality. In a volatile world membership of the European Union was and would be again the best guarantee of a secure food supply for the United Kingdom.
Post-Brexit cooperation between the UK and the EU on law enforcement and criminal justice is sub-optimal, according to the House of Lords Justice and Home Affairs Committee.
Differences meant rival diplomats were discouraged from talking to one another.
BT Group Plc was dumped from a lucrative €458 million ($494 million) European Union contract to handle sensitive communications between the bloc’s governments amid a dispute over the British firm’s potential access to EU secrets following Brexit.
Brussels commissioner says bill breaches convention, as legal experts warn of risk to Brexit trade deal.
Phase two of the Brexit negotiations is starting and all eyes are on the future economic partnership. The other key issue – the future security partnership – is often neglected.
Labour Movement for Europe says there is ‘no excuse’ for leader failing to back closer ties – proposing trade, energy and security.
Emmanuel Macron suggests new European political community based on core values in areas such as security and energy.
Boris Johnson must rebuild relationships with neighbours to ‘make Brexit work,’ says shadow foreign secretary.
Northern Ireland, food prices, the ease of a deal - it turns out that many of the claims made by those advocating Brexit were not quite true...
This summer has provided ample demonstration of the difficulties of the relationship between the UK and the EU.
Wednesday marks exactly five years on from the Brexit referendum and the country is still torn over our exit from the EU. A new poll finds that if the vote was re-run now the result would be a narrow win for Remain – by 51% to 49%.
The CEO of a Berlin-based secure messaging and collaboration platform says Brexit could pose a cybersecurity challenge for the UK.
Fabio Petito argues that the UK is failing to realise the importance of regional blocks and has few realistic responses to the current crisis of the liberal international order.
Although the final Brexit deal agreed between the UK and the EU contained a mutual commitment to future security and law enforcement cooperation, there is no doubt that the settlement resulted in an overall lessening of policing capability.
Nancy Pelosi among those to highlight the issue, while UK representative says he hopes it is a case of ‘quality over quantity’.
A group of Tories have called for Boris Johnson to reopen Brexit negotiations amid concerns his deal has left the UK 'less safe and less secure'.
The UK has a 5/1 chance of rejoining the EU by 2026 due to a growing frustration with Brexit, a betting agency has predicted.
Talks to rebuild security cooperation with the EU must restart now after the Brexit deal left the UK “less safe and less secure”, a Conservative group says.
In what follows, a group of leading social scientists explore these themes, explaining what has happened in the past, the situation the UK finds itself in now, and the issues that might confront us going forward. The collection is intended as a guide to the big questions confronting the country in the years to come.
As the UK’s last European commissioner, I know how welcome it is that a deal was struck—and how much remains to be done