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Alternatives 'might need to be pursued', James Brokenshire tells inquiry - prompting demands to reveal how UK will be 'protected'.
Leaked German government report shows Britain has been requesting special access. / Britain wants to ‘approximate the position of a member state as closely as possible’ when it comes to working with Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency, the leaked report states.
Google is planning to move its British users’ accounts out of the control of European Union privacy regulators, placing them under U.S. jurisdiction instead, sources said.
Critics argue change will make it easier for users to be subject to surveillance.
Brexit prompts tech firm to move data and user accounts of British users from EU to US.
Exchange of key security information at risk after Dutch concerns over data protection.
Judge rules Data Protection Act clause denying them right to obtain records is not unlawful.
A minister and a former Conservative MP have asked the information watchdog to investigate whether Boris Johnson’s campaign to become party leader is breaching data protection laws.
Big firms want Donald Trump to play hard ball over the NHS, food quality and consumer rights.