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UK Voters knew the 1975 Referendum was about both an ‘economic & political union’ with the rest of Europe.
This collection shows some of the leaflets that were handed out and delivered to households during the weeks and months leading up to the day of the referendum.
Brexiters are often accused of living in the past. That is manifest in the now recurring Brexiter response to concerns about Brexit: ‘but we did perfectly well before’.
'The Brexiters have no more idea in private than they do in public about what they are doing. Predictions based upon their concealed intent project on to them a competence they simply don’t possess.'
Brexit Party Ltd’s antics in Strasbourg grow more obnoxious ... Should Vladimir Putin’s pronouncement that “liberalism is dead” worry us? ... And character comedian KIERAN HODGSON joins us to explain how his show ‘75’ – about the first EU referendum, and returning to London and Edinburgh soon – tells us much about the 2016 one.
The Tory commitment to self-imposed isolation – and the loss of influence involved in being impacted by Europe’s decisions and yet not shaping them – makes even less strategic sense now than in back in the party’s pro-European days.
Why can’t the Remain parties get their acts together for the European Parliament elections, the most important vote on the EU since the Referendum? Historian ROBERT SAUNDERS joins us to explain what lessons we should have learned from the 1975 Referendum ... If we’re going to “remain and reform” what exactly is that supposed to mean? And could we pull it off anyway?