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Uncertain Brexit negotiations over a contested border, a troubled past, debates over sovereignty. It might sound familiar, but we're not talking about Northern Ireland.
'All of Gibraltar’s political, social, trade union and employers’ representatives joined to campaign for the ‘remain’ option.' / 'Although the result in Gibraltar was a resounding 96% in favour of remaining in the EU...' /
As the EU finally ratifies the Brexit trade deal, attention shifts to some major loose ends.
Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo urged UK and Spain to ‘defeat 300 years of history’ and seal a post-Brexit deal.
British overseas territory set to face disruption despite voting 95 per cent for Remain.
The UK government says Gibraltar cannot independently negotiate a passport-free travel deal with the EU after Brexit.
Chief minister Fabian Picardo says it does not ‘make sense’ for the territory to be cut off. / Gibraltar is considering joining the EU’s Schengen open borders area to limit disruption caused by Brexit, its chief minister has said.
The head of the British overseas territory adds to calls for the UK to rescind its stated intention to leave the EU.
Gibraltar is in talks with Scotland about a plan to keep parts of the UK in the EU, BBC Newsnight has learned.
EU guidelines make clear bloc will not overrule Spain in any trade or sovereignty dispute involving British overseas territory
Fabian Picardo tells The Independent a clause in Gibraltar's constitution gives it the right to choose its own terms for matters such as trade tariffs and regulations, whatever Ms May agrees with Brussels, in a move that could embolden other regions calling for bespoke deals.