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The UK may no longer be an EU member but, as the current health crisis shows, cooperation continues to be essential.
Europe Day statement comes as trade talks between UK and its former partners hit new difficulties.
João Vale de Almeida’s main task will be ensuring Britain sticks to withdrawal agreement.
Leo Varadkar has urged the British government to tone down “nationalist rhetoric” over Brexit, and branded Dominic Raab’s memo to UK diplomats to sit separately from their EU counterparts as “petty”.
Sir Ivan Rogers condemns 'diplomatic amateurism' that will lead to hugely damaging trade deal – or a crash-out Brexit in a year. / Boris Johnson is deceiving voters by claiming he will “get Brexit done” quickly and hiding the “biggest crisis” yet to come, a former ambassador to the EU is warning.
Boris Johnson’s claims he will get Brexit done are “diplomatic amateurism” and his deal will be even harder to achieve than Theresa May’s, a former ambassador to the EU has warned.
Arkady Rzegocki insisted Polish citizens can now make a good living in their home country and don't need to live in Britain.
So much for the Special Relationship… In an unprecedented week in which PM-to-be Boris Johnson effectively fired Britain’s ambassador to the USA to placate a bullying Donald Trump, we look into Britain’s humiliating future as a taker of orders from bigger international players.
Comments made by the Sir Kim Darroch, the British Ambassador to the US, on the Trump administration have been leaked to pro-Brexit journalist Isabel Oakshott, with key Brexiteers exploiting them to attack the civil service and diplomatic corps and call for the removal of non-Brexit-supporting civil servants.
Ambassador to South Korea says most officials there show ‘deep incredulity’ on the matter. / British ambassadors have been sending messages to the foreign office describing Brexit as a political shambles that is destroying the UK’s reputation, the serving UK ambassador to South Korea has said.
Ahead of Donald Trump's state visit on Monday, his ambassador said healthcare should not be excluded from a free trade deal. / The US ambassador to the UK Woody Johnson has said that healthcare should be included in a free trade deal between the two countries.
Diplomatic cables reveal the monarch also appeared to back the creation of a single market. / The Queen confided to the German ambassador that she believed the future of Britain lay in Europe, newly released diplomatic cables from 1988 have shown.
'The British ambassador told me — and I loved it — that every time the British military is meeting with the American military, the Americans are talking about the French' / British influence in Washington DC has “vanished” following Brexit, the outgoing French ambassador to the US has said.
Ex-ambassadors and high commissioners say UK is weakened by ‘fiasco’. / More than 40 former British ambassadors and high commissioners have written to Theresa May warning her that Brexit has turned into a “national crisis”...