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Mr Tusk, who represents the leaders of the EU member states, added that Brexit amounts to the "real end of the British Empire".
European Commission president says ‘bulls***’ was responsible for Brexit.
Two of the EU's most influential characters have urged the bloc's 27 leaders to grant a UK request for a Brexit extension.
Irish PM and head of European parliament give their support to three-month extension.
Donald Tusk indicates that extension would be granted to prevent a no-deal.
The British government has sent the European Union a request to postpone the date of its departure from the bloc, European Council President Donald Tusk has said.
Boris Johnson has sent a request to the EU for a delay to Brexit - but without his signature.
Donald Tusk confirms letter has arrived – though reports suggest it was unsigned photocopy with a conflicting view in a second letter.
EU gives go-ahead to weekend meetings after PM appears to backtrack on customs stance.
Donald Tusk says prime minister not acting in best interests of British public.
Donald Tusk responds to claims by No 10 source that EU is willing to ‘torpedo the Good Friday agreement’.
Tusk ‘fully behind Ireland’ as MEPs reject UK Brexit proposals.
Ireland’s Leo Varadkar says PM’s pledge of no hard border contradicts written proposal.
A leading group of MEPs responsible for UK-EU negotiations have "grave concerns" about Boris Johnson's new Brexit proposals.
The European Union is "open but not convinced" by the UK PM's new proposals for a Brexit deal with the EU, the president of the European Council says.
UK proposals "do not match even remotely" Northern Irish backstop plan, says steering group.
Leo Varadkar says government must submit plans in writing before EU summit in October.
EU says prime minister presented no real proposals and seems to seek return of hard border in Ireland.
European Council President Donald Tusk said on Tuesday British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s demands to drop the Brexit backstop came with no “realistic alternatives” and amounted to seeking a return to controls along the sensitive Irish border.
European Council President Donald Tusk has said that a letter sent to him by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson included no "realistic alternatives" to the backstop.
Just hours before letter to Donald Tusk, one EU leader insisted withdrawal agreement ‘cannot be reopened’.
Jean-Claude Juncker was speaking in Brussels after a meeting with the 27 presidents and prime ministers of the remaining EU countries.
Boris Johnson viewed as Trump-like figure while Dominic Raab accused of ‘making things up’. / The EU has been on a Brexit break since the UK secured a six-month delay to its departure. With Theresa May soon to leave 10 Downing Street, Brussels is tuning in to the Westminster drama of the Tory leadership race – with both amazement and exasperation.
Donald Tusk hails "pro-EU majority" in European Parliament after populists under-perform expectations. / Seeing Britain's botched attempt to leave the European Union has vaccinated other EU countries against euroscepticism, the president of the European Council has said.