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The former first minister says resources were diverted away from Covid planning in order to prepare for potential no-deal Brexit.
Nicola Sturgeon has blamed no-deal Brexit planning for diverting resources away from emergency planning at the Covid-19 public inquiry. / The former First Minister of Scotland said "every part of our work was impacted" by preparing for a potential no-deal exit from the EU.
The survey also put support for the SNP in a de facto referendum general election at 53%.
“As is becoming clearer by the day, achieving independence is not now just desirable, it is essential if Scotland is to escape the disaster of Brexit.”
NICOLA Sturgeon was completely unimpressed as a Tory MSP suggested Brexit has nothing to do with the Scottish Parliament during FMQs.
A surge in support for rejoining the EU means the debate on Brexit is far from over, according to the UK’s most-respected pollster, Adam Bienkov reports.
Neil Gray’s comments came after Nicola Sturgeon unveiled her plans for the economy in an independent Scotland on Monday, with the third in a series of papers designed to refresh the prospectus for an independent Scotland.
SCOTLAND can expect Liz Truss's "hard-line" approach to the EU if she becomes prime minister, a Tory MP has suggested.
Brexit after Boris 31/07/2022
Boris Johnson became prime minister on the promise that Brexit would bring prosperity and pride. Did it?
NICOLA Sturgeon has suggested that there may be “room for discussions” with leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak after it emerged that he backed holding indyref2 after Brexit.
Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Wednesday that there was a stronger mandate for a Scottish independence referendum than there ever was for Britain's 2016 vote on whether to leave the EU.
The cracks across Britain that appeared at the start of Brexit have begun to widen over the past few days. Scottish leaders are renewing a push for independence, the fragile agreement over Northern Ireland is falling apart, and Britain is reeling under price rises pushed up further by Brexit.
THE European Commission (EC) has urged the UK to “engage” over the Northern Ireland Protocol as the Welsh first minister hit out at Westminster plans to override the Brexit agreement.
The First Minister is to speak with Italy's Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta this morning in Edinburgh at the start of his two day visit.
NICOLA Sturgeon has warned the UK Government that following through on a threat to trigger a Brexit clause that would suspend part of the deal is “the most irresponsible thing that could be done right now” - as the First Minister insisted the move should not be made “to stoke tensions because there is a perception that plays well with domestic audiences”.
NICOLA Sturgeon has insisted that the HGV driver and fuel shortage crisis is a result of Boris Johnson’s “reckless” Brexit policy – and has called for the UK Government to “urgently revisit their entire post-Brexit immigration policy”.
A DECISION taken by Boris Johnson to relax immigration rules in the wake of the chaos caused by Brexit has been branded an “utterly humiliating” U-turn by Scotland’s First Minister.
Nicola Sturgeon described Brexit as an “unnecessary and unforgivable act” that is damaging Scottish businesses and causing food shortages.
The agreement solidifies the pro-independence majority in Holyrood and says a new Scottish independence referendum will be sought in the first half of the parliamentary session - if the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
THE SNP’s Westminster leader has made a plea to Scots who are undecided on independence as the consequences of Brexit become more apparent.
Jamie McMillan said his sales are down 40 per cent since Brexit.
Five years ago today, a vote took place which sent shockwaves around the world. I’m talking, of course, about the Brexit referendum.
ON June 24, 2016, global markets were in turmoil, David Cameron was resigning, Trump was emboldened, and three million EU nationals in Britain were facing an uncertain future in a country that had just told them via the Brexit referendum they were no longer welcome. We were two of them.
The trade deal between the UK and Australia should be subject to a vote in the House of Commons and Holyrood, Nicola Sturgeon has said.
SCOTTISH Tory MSPs refused to recognise the impact of Brexit on Scotland during a Holyrood debate yesterday – and defended the UK Government’s decision to leave the Erasmus scheme.